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Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors in India

Just like the movies, the television channels are also dominating the hearts of all of us. The media has become a hot industry and a great career option for a large number of youngsters. There are a lot of female and male anchors working in different television channels and earning huge amounts. Here are the top 10 hottest female news anchors in India.

10. Anjana Om Kashyap – Aaj Tak:

Hottest Female News Anchors in India

Anjana Om Kashyap is a famous news anchor and writer of Aaj Tak channel. She is extremely talented and had served at the position of Deputy Executive Producer of News 24. Anjana took a start with her career in 2003 and first was the anchor of Zee News.

9. Nidhi Razdan – NDTV:

Hottest Female News Anchors in India

Nidhi Razdan is a dominating anchor of the channel NDTV. She is gorgeous and owns excellent working skills. Nidhi had joined this channel in 1999 as a junior journalist. Soon she became a prominent face due to her exclusive performance and impressive personality.

8. Shereen Bhan – CNBC:

Hottest Female News Anchors in India

Shereen Bhan is a familiar face of CNBC. She has appeared in the shows like ‘Young Turk’ , ‘India Business Hour’, ‘The Nation’s Business’ and ‘Power Turks’. Shereen is a gorgeous lady and is the chief of Delhi Bureau as well as the head of CNBC-TV18.

7. Mayanti Langer – ESPN:

Hottest Female News Anchors in India

Mayanti Langer is a sports journalist of ESPN. She was the footballer of USA and was an active member of her team. Afterwards she joined FIFA as a guest anchor and that was the start of her successful anchoring career. She looks gorgeous and hot and is one of the most famous sports journalists in the world.

6. Harishree Mehta – NDTV:

Hottest Female News Anchors in India

Harishree Mehta is an active female of Times Now. She is an anchor and well known name off NDTV. She is appreciated a lot by her fans. Harishree is an educated accountant and has sufficient knowledge of accounts and stock markets of India and worldwide.

5. Shaili Chopra – Tehelka, ET Now:

Hottest Female News Anchors in India

Shaili Chopra is an anchor of ET Now. She is an award-winning news anchor and is serving the channel for over 12 years. She is also a write and editor and writes reports and columns every week.

4. Sagarika Ghose – News Anchor on CNN-IBN:

Sagarika Ghose

Sagarika Ghose has been into the journalism field since 1991. She has been a member of the anchors’ team of The Times of India, Outlook magazine and The Indian Express. Sagarika is working as the deputy editor and active journalist.

3. Sweta Singh – Aaj Tak:

Hottest Female News Anchors in India

Sweta Singh is a beautiful and one of the hottest news anchors in India. She is the deputy editor of Aaj Tak and started her career in 1996 with The Times of India. She also was a dominating name of Hindustan Times and was covering the Bihar news.

2. Mini Menon – Bloomberg TV:

Hottest Female News Anchors in India

Mini Menon is an executive editor of Bloomberg TV India. She started her career in 1994 and won the Femina Miss India award in 1996. Mini is a hot and extremely talented businesswoman and works really hard to raise the graph of her success.

1. Archana Vijaya – Channel [V]:

Hottest Female News Anchors in India
Archana Vijaya is a Kolkata-born female. She is a fantastic television presenter, writer and news anchor. Archana is an active anchor of Channel V and one of the most successful and sensational supermodels of India.