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Top 10 Hottest Female Sportscasters in 2014

I still remember the time when the female sportscasters were only a few in numbers. In those days, the sports journalism was in the hands of men. But nowadays the females are dominating the males in every walk of life, even in the field of sportscaster. Here are the top 10 hottest female sportscasters in 2014.

April Rose - Sportscaster
April Rose – Sportscaster

10. Jenn Sterger:

Hottest Female Sportscasters
Jenn Sterger is one of the most beautiful and hot television anchors and female sportscasters in the world. This New York beauty is reporting some famous American televison channels and is known for her hot personality.

9. April Rose:

April Rose - Sportscaster
April Rose is a hot beauty of Maxim magazine’s Maximum Exposure. She belongs to Canada and has written a lot about her country’s issues in different newspapers. April was also a cast member of the MTV2’s ‘Guy Code,’ and MTV’s ‘Girl Code.’

8. Sara Carbonero:

Hottest Female Sportscasters
Sara Carbonero is a bold, beautiful and hot television presenter, sportscaster and journalist. She is one of the sexiest females of Spain. Sara took a start of her career with Radio Marco. Then she moved for dealing the sports of Telecinco. She is also the winner of the crown of “The Sexiest Reporter in the World” awarded by FHM USA during 2009.

7. Jenny Dell:

Hottest Female Sportscasters
Jenny Dell is a famous and one of the most adorable beauties of the era. She is cool, talented and extremely hot. She is a reporter of NESN. Her alleged relationsip with Red Sox player Will Middlebrooks made her recognized the world over.

6. Michelle Beadle:

Hottest Female Sportscasters
Michelle Beadle is another great and hot beauty. She is one of the hottest female sportscasters in 2014. She works for ESPN and was previously a reporter of Fox Sports. Michelle is a super-cool beauty and extremely talented.

5. Melissa Stark:

Hottest Female Sportscasters
Melissa Stark is a hot beauty of NFL Network, USA. She is not only talented but also very energetic and looks beautiful. She also has worked with NBC, ABC Sports and ESPN. Melissa was an anchor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

4. Samantha Ponder:

Hottest Female Sportscasters
Samantha Ponder is known to be a hot anchor and sportscaster of ESPN. She has worked in a number of shows and has reported about football and basketball in a large number. Samantha was the co-host of the Saturday 9 AM ET edition which was telecasted by ESPNU.

3. Diana Dougherty:

Hottest Female Sportscasters
Diana Dougherty is an adorable media person. She is a member of Galaxy Radio and also a sportscaster of Sky Sports. Diana works really hard to raise the graph of her success. Some of her best shows are The Big Idea and others.

2. Kristina Akra:

Hottest Female Sportscasters
Kristina Akra is a reporter, anchor and Emmy Award winner. She is a dedicated female and works hard to raise the graph of her success. Kristina Akra is currently working as a reported with the MLB Network.

1. Erin Andrews:

Hottest Female Sportscasters
Erin Andrews is a pretty hot female. She is one of the most talented sportscasters of America. She is also a journalist and writer. Erin spends most of her time in working for one channel or another and focuses a lot on her career. She is a contributor of Good Morning America on the ABC network.

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