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Top 10 Hottest Females Singers 2018

Celebrities of the music world are often distinguished not only by talent, beautiful voice, and ability to win the attention of a listener but also by their appearance. Someone may disagree with this; however, let’s hope that singers from our list are still loved not for their beauty, but for vocals and talented performance. We present to you the rating of the most popular and best singers of the world 2018. The text is taken from https://bridesstars.com.

  1. Avril Lavigne

This Canadian singer can compete for the title of the most stylish rock singer of our time. In 2018, she returned with the song “Head Above Water.” Sneakers and colorful skirts were replaced by more elegant clothes, and although it is not often possible to see Avril in an evening dress and heels, the rock style undoubtedly suits her.

  1. Taylor Swift

Previously, American country singer Taylor Swift transferred this style to her appearance. Luxurious bangs, hats, and cowboy boots – all this was present in the wardrobe of a star. But now she is a young and sexy woman. The main highlight of her image is bright, red lipstick. Taylor Swift uses it always despite her outfit.

  1. Miley Cyrus

Behind the outrageous appearance, defiant behavior, bright style of clothes, and numerous piercings, we can see a tender, beautiful, and vulnerable girl. Several times a week, Miley does Pilates. It helps her stay in great shape.

  1. Ciara

The American singer, songwriter, and actress knows firsthand how to fight hard for her appearance. After delivering a baby, she needed to return her perfect body shape as soon as possible. And she did it. In just six months, Ciara lost 27 kg. Dances, boxing, and vegetarianism helped her in this. Today, Ciara is in great shape and feels great.

  1. Lady Gaga

From early childhood, she was interested in music. She sang children’s songs at home, attended cultural events with adults. At preschool age, she began to write her own songs. In 2006, she first started recording her own unique albums. In 2018, you can see her on the screen and make sure that she is quite sexy.

  1. Nicki Minaj

The beautiful forms of the famous singer never cease to amaze fans. She is the author and performer of her songs. Teachers found her vocal abilities at school. Over time, she began to get involved in rap. The musical direction completely changed her fate. Did you see her new music video? She is definitely the hottest rap singer.

  1. Beyonce

Charming and unique Beyonce conquered the audience with her creativity. She performs at various festivals. On the scene, she dances amazingly in different styles. Her parents were close to musical creativity. At preschool age, she had a craving for music. She received an award for her talents in junior high. And nowadays we see amazing results.

  1. Shakira

She is considered the hottest Latin American celebrity. She comes from Colombia. Her parents are quite wealthy people. In childhood, she began to write her own poems. She released her first CD in 1991. The career of a famous dancer is increasing every day.

  1. Selena Gomez

Young American singer and actress Selena Gomez continues to delight her fans with her beauty and freshness. According to the famous magazine, Selena Gomez was recognized the woman of the year. The main secret of her hot appearance is workouts and yoga.

  1. Adele

The subversive British singer is a living proof that overweight women can also look hot. The impeccable style and beautiful curls make her one of the most charming singers of modernity. And the secret of her attractiveness is her elegant style that makes her look like a real lady.