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Top 10 Hottest Figure Skaters 2015

In this list, I am going to talk about the top 10 hottest figure skaters 2015. The selection of only a few was too tough for me, because there are a lot of young, beautiful, and stylish female athletes that pleasure our eyes. Some of these cool ladies are successful as well. So, take a look at this impressive collection.

10. Joannie Rochette

Joannie Rochette is a Canadian figure skater. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world of games. She has been the 2010 Olympic bronze medalist, the 2009 World silver medalist, the 2008 and 2009 Four Continents silver medalist, the 2004 Grand Prix Final bronze medalist, and a six-time (2005–10) Canadian national champion. This is a clear prove that Joannie is very dedicated to her profession.

Hottest Figure Skaters

9. Sasha Cohen

Sasha Cohen is another remarkable beauty. This American figure skater was born on October 26, 1984. She has long been the pride of USA due to her incredible gaming skills. Sasha owns a silver medal from the 2006 Olympics. She has also been a part of several tv shows like Las Vegas, Project Runway, and CSI:NY.

Hottest Figure Skaters

8. Elene Gedevanishvili

Elene is one of the most prominent figure skaters of Georgia. She won a medal at an International Skating Union Championships, in addition to the 2010 European bronze medal. This smoking hot diva, on January 28, 2012, was the winner of European bronze medal at the 2012 European Championships. She is highly captivating.

Hottest Figure Skaters

7. Anna Semenovich

Anna can be regarded as one of the fewer figure skaters from Russia with global recognition and huge fan base. This gorgeous lady scored two Finlandia Trophies and competed Kostomarov. She has bagged a number of awards and medals during her career. This woman has also been an actress, model, and singer.

Anna Semenovich

6. Kiira Korpi

Kiira Korpi is a Finnish figure skater, and one of the gorgeous athletes of all time. She has long been known for her amazing gaming skills. She bagged three European medals (bronze in 2007 and 2011, silver in 2012), the 2010 Trophée Eric Bompard championship, and several other medals in her career.

Hottest Figure Skaters

5. Maria Mukhortova

Enjoying skating since the age of 6, Maria Vladimirovna Mukhortova is a highly impressive Russian pair, teamed with Jérôme Blanchard. Maria has competed with a number of skating champions in the history including Maxim Trankov. They were the 2008 European silver medalists and 2007 Russian National Champions. They also had the chance to skate with Egor Golovkin and Pavel Lebedev.

Hottest Figure Skaters

4. Tanith Belbin

Tanith Belbin is a young Canadian-American ice dancer. She has been famous for her immense dancing styles and has bagged a number of titles. She holds dual citizenship but represented USA in various skating championships. She started skating with Benjamin Agosto in 1998. She is four-time World medalist, three-time Four Continents champion (2004–2006), and five-time U.S. champion (2004–2008).

Hottest Figure Skaters

3. Isabelle Pieman

Born on 28 September 1983 in Brussels, Isabelle Pieman is a very pretty and gorgeous Belgian figure skater of the era. She is one of the finest performers. She won the 2007 and 2009 Belgian national championships. She is impressive and highly captivating.

Hottest Figure Skaters

2. Irina Movchan

This Ukrainian beauty was born in 1990. Irina is highly skilled figure skater who won the 2008 Crystal Skate of Romania championship. Other than this, the hottie is two-time (2009, 2011) Ukrainian national champion, and has the 2007 and 2010 silver medals.

Norway European Speed Skating Championships

1. Tatiana Volosozhar

At the top of the list comes the name of Tatiana, a Russian-Ukrainian pair skater. She has been the partner of Maxim Trankov. Tatiana is the 2013 World champion, a two-time (2011, 2012) World silver medalist, a two-time (2012, 2013) European champion, the 2012 Grand Prix Final champion, and a two-time (2011, 2013) Russian national champion.

Hottest Figure Skaters

Who you think has been missed in this list?