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Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles for Women 2014

Just like how well you dress-up and how much perfect your makeup is, the hairstyle also is a significant part of our personality. There was a time when the women were unaware with different haircut ideas and the styling of the hairs in a creative way was a matter of great concern for them. Now in this era of technological advancement, we have everything in hands, just surf the internet; check on the fashion websites and know for yourself which hairstyles are really cool for women nowadays. For your ease, however, we have here given the top 10 hottest hairstyles for women 2014.

Hottest Hairstyles

10. Medium Length Hairstyles:

Hottest Hairstyles

The medium length hairstyles are especially ideal for the women with oval or round faces. The famous celebrities of Hollywood love this kind of hairstyle as it enhances their beauty and charms their personality.

9. Polished Ponytails:

Hottest Hairstyles

Having the polished ponytails is absolutely a stunning and top notch idea. It is especially great for women with old-age as it gives them a descent and elegant look.

8. Half-cut Hairs:

Hottest Hairstyles

The half-cut hairs are especially an idea for professional women who don’t get too much time for appealing their personality. Due to their daily hectic routine, they will never have a chance to be much trendy so this haircut will make them feel relaxed as it is quite easy and quick to manage.

7. Long and Short Layers:

Hottest Hairstyles

Getting your hairs cut in a combination of long and short is a quite significant way to amaze your beauty. The college-going girls and younger ladies especially can have this hairstyle as it is not only trendy but also hot in this era.

6. Retro Haircuts:

Hottest Hairstyles

Retro haircut is especially famous among the ladies of Europe and America. This hairstyle is quite perfect for the women with golden hairs.

5. Bridesmaid Hairstyle:

Hottest Hairstyles

The bridesmaid hairstyle is what every bride of the season should have. It is really an impressive hairstyle to appeal her beauty and help her become a dreamy girl of the event.

4. Straight-to-Curls:

Hottest Hairstyles

If you previously had straight hairs and was tired of it, then it’s a time for you to change your hairstyle into a curly form. What is you are given a straight-to-curl haircut? I am sure this will help you become a more confident and gorgeous lady.

3. Selena Gomez Hairstyle:

Hottest Hairstyles

Selena Gomez is a famous and innocent looking Hollywood actress. Her hairstyles have always been appealing and wonderful to grasp the attention of the fashion lovers. Sometimes she has long hairs, and sometimes she wears short and bob haircuts, but whatever she goes with always looks top notch.

2. Glam Updos:

Hottest Hairstyles

Glam Updos are the event and occasion hairstyles. In such a haircut, you can either ponytail your hairs or tie them up with a fancy clip. Whatever you do will definitely help you become a stunning and fashion-oriented woman.

1. Cute Curly Haircuts:

Hottest Hairstyles

The cute curly haircuts are especially perfect for little girls and our young ladies. In such a hairstyle idea, you will have curls which are very short and spread throughout your head lightly. So don’t go with too heavy and irritating curls if you have such a wonderful hairstyling idea.

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