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Top 10 Hottest and Sexiest Female Bodybuilders of All Time

The origin of bodybuilding is dating back about 150 years old. Previously men were involved in this activity, but with the passage of time women also showed great interest to become bodybuilders. The female actually initiated bodybuilding during 1970s. Many of today’s women have made it a life’s career and focus much on remaining in shape. Here are the top 10 hottest and sexiest female bodybuilders of all time.

10. Jennifer Broomfield

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Jennifer Broomfield is one of the hottest and most beautiful female bodybuilders of the era. She says that it is her love to become an athlete that she chose the bodybuilding career. She loves to remain muscular and works hard on her students, teaching them weight training and bodybuilding. Jennifer started bodybuilding when she was a teenager, back in 2002.

9. Oksana Grishina

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Oksana Grishina was born in Kaliningrad, grew up in Latvia and Russia. She is a hot and bold female bodybuilder, and has a degree in Physical Training and Sports. She received this degree in 2000 from the University of Kalingrad. Today, Oksana is one of the most successful fitness instructors and competing the rival women in worldwide athlete tournaments. She has also won the titles of European and World overall championships, and was the 2nd ever Russian athlete and bodybuilder. She received IFBB Pro Card in 2007 for her immense skills.

8. Sharon Bruneau

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Sharon is another hot and sexy babe, and a fantastic female bodybuilder. She brought out the beauty of sports as a Canadian bodybuilder used her skills to give an edge to her bodybuilding career. She started her career as a fashion model. But due to a bad case of pneumonia, which caused her to lose weight, she had to choose another profession—so bodybuilding was her option. She has received training to lose weight from expert instructors, and now has become one of them.

7. Pauline Nordin

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Pauline Nordin started getting training at the age of 17 in 1999. Once she became a skilled bodybuilder, she initiated competing the expert female bodybuilders. She has had been an excellent fitness instructor and fitness model. She has shot for various magazines in hot swimming costumes. She is used to strictly follow her dietary plans to remain in shape.

6. Debi Laszewski

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Debi Lazewski is a professional American female bodybuilder, personal trainer and model. She is residing in Florida, and is 3rd best female bodybuilder of IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Ranking List. Debi worked hard to improve her stand in the Ms. Olympia contest. She is a sponsor of athlete of Ironville Clothing Company. This company sells bodybuilding-themed sports-costumes.

5. Soleivi Hernandez

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Soleivi Hernandez is one of the hottest amateur figure competitors. She was first recognized by the National Physique Committee (NPC). She started her bodybuilding career at the age of 22, and began competing the rivals in 2006. Today, she has become a professional bodybuilder. She is being loved and appreciated for her hot and sexy appeal. She was the winner of 2007 NPC New York Metropolitan.

4. Cory Everson

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Corinna Cory Everson is an American female bodybuilder and actress. She is the champion of various contests like IFBB Hall of Fame. She was also a part of Muscle Beach Venice Body Building Hall of Fame in 2005. She was the 1st woman to be nominated for Lifetime Fitness Award. In 2008, Everson inducted into National Fitness Hall of Fame. Her famous movies are Double Impact (1991), Natural Born Killers (1994) and Ballistic (1995).

3. Wendy Lindquist

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Wendy Lindquist belongs to Britain. Before becoming a bodybuilder, she was a gymnast and dancer. She has worked really hard to raise her success graph, and has competed in bodybuilding competitions since 2001. She is not only hot, but also successful and superbly cute. No doubt, this 5’3 blond cutie is one of the hottest and sexiest female bodybuilders in the world.

2. Brooke Holladay

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Brooke Holladay is another sexy and hot female bodybuilder of the era. She has proved her skills in a highly inspirational way. Apart from being a great bodybuilder, Brooke is an excellent dancer and gymnast. She has won various worldwide competitions as well.

1. Larissa Reis

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Larissa Almeida Reis is a Brazilian professional bodybuilder. She is best known for her restaurant ‘Nevada’ in Las Vegas. She remained a part of International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB). Larissa was a fashion model previously, and now working as an independent bodybuilder and showed her desire to compete a figure athlete.

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  1. Rachel McLish. At least I think that’s how you spell her name. Seriously one of if not the most beautiful female bodybuilder ever.