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Top 10 Hottest South American Women in 2015

South America is a vast and expanded part of planet, Earth. Here countless bold and adorable females reside. Surely many of them have made their distinctive place in fashion and entertainment industries. Here we are going to discuss the top 10 hottest South American women in 2015.

Hottest South American Women

10. Ana Paula Araújo

Native Country: Brazil

Ana is a Brazilian beauty who became popular when appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition back in 2007. In addition to her gorgeous photos for SI, she has done modeling for Liz Claiborne and body paint with Joanne Gair.

Ana Paula Araújo

9. Analía Marecos

Native Country: Paraguay

She is a former Miss Paraguay, rocked the stage in 2007 landing in the 2nd Runner-Up spot. She looks very stunning, and is a beauty from Paraguay. She is living in Miami nowadays, doing lesser but quality modeling work.

Analía Marecos

8. Isis Valverde

Native Country: Brazil

At the tender age of 16, Isis Valverde started her career as a model. She is a hot actress as well who received critical acclaim for several of her acting roles. Isis is a stunning lady with graceful personality.

Isis Valverde

7. Norelys Rodriguez

Native Country: Venezuela

Norelys is the former 2nd runner-up for Miss Venezuela. She is from Venezuela. She is a hot and exceptional model cum television celebrity. She is one of the sought-after Bikini models.

Norelys Rodriguez

6. Valeria Raquel Mazza

Native Country: Argentina

Valeria is from Argentina. She is a bombshell, who landed in Sports Illustrated cover alongside Tyra Banks. She has been the cover model of Elle and Vogue magazines. She now does not do modeling and spends whole time with her family.

Valeria Raquel Mazza

5. Jesica Cirio

Native Country: Argentina

Jesica Cirio is a blonde cutie of Argentina. She is a graceful dancer and model who appeared on the Argentinian versions of Dancing with the Stars and Dancing on Ice. She has been the host of ‘Kubik’ a Buenos Aires local television show.

Jesica Cirio

4. Mirna Pereira

Native Country: Paraguay

Mirna Pereira is native to Paraguay. She is best known for her works like a strategically placed Soccer ball to cheer on Team Paraguay. Mirna is a hot and very attractive model of the era.

Mirna Pereira

3. Carolina Pampita Ardohain

Native Country: Argentina

Known for her award-winning television work, Carolina has household name ‘Pampita’. She is from Argentina, and is an adorable lady who has worked as an actress and a journalist, covering the 2002 World Cup Games.

Carolina Pampita Ardohain

2. Grazielli Mssafera

Native Country: Brazil

As a former Miss Brazil, Grazielli has continued her fame by starring on the Brazilian version of the reality hit ‘Big Brother’. She also holds the record for payment of a Nu’de spread in the Brazilian edition of Playboy. She is a charming female.

Grazielli Mssafera

1. Aline Nakashimira

Native Country: Brazil

Aline is the actress and model from Brazil. She is a charming, talented, and top notch female. Aline not only worked for Brazilian brands but also has walked the ramp of some very famous international fashion designers.

Aline Nakashimira

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