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Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Madonna

Madonna Louise Ciccone was born in 1958. She is a famous singer, songwriter, and actress of America. This lady had achieved much success, and is called to be the queen of music world who pushed the boundaries of lyrical contents in the mainstream music. There are so many successful music videos this lady released. Often referred to as the “Queen of Pop”, Madonna is dominating the entertainment world for many years. She is an award-winning lady. Let us check the top 10 most interesting facts about Madonna.

10. A Wine on Her Name

Did you know that there is a wine on Madonna’s name? Well, being a successful businesswoman, Madonna was not hesitated to launch a wine on her name. She had been focusing on the establishment of the business of her father, Mr.Tony Ciccone, and presented Madonna Wine which is available in the markets.

Facts about Madonna

9. English Roses—A Book

Madonna is one of the fewer stars of Hollywood who have written some books. There is a publication of Madonna named ‘English Roses’ which she wrote for your children back in 2003. She wrote this book for promoting education in the societies.

Facts about Madonna

8. Fired from Dunkin Donuts

It is true that Madonna never had a bed of roses during her career. Initially, she was signed by Dunkin Donuts, but later on fired. The famous food chain management thought her to be a bad choice for the promotion of their brand, but this never impacted Madonna’s profile much.

Facts about Madonna

7. A Lonely Girl in Childhood

Do you know Madonna was a lonely girl in childhood? Well, she has told in one of her interviews that she was a lonely girl who searched for a good relationship of her parents throughout her childhood. She says that she never got too much love and attention from the parents, and never acted like a normal girl due to this reason.

Facts about Madonna

6. Wanted to be a Dancer

There was a time when no one knew Madonna as a singer and actress. In the initial years of her career, she tried her luck as a dancer. Madonna has certainly achieved high success in the music world, but not as a dancer. It was her luck that made her familiar as a singer and fine stage performer.

Facts about Madonna

5. A Vegetarian

She is one of the Hollywood celebs who are vegetarians—which means Madonna doesn’t like chicken or other meat items at all. Having seafood or even a pizza containing any form of meat is what she dislikes a lot. This is interesting for sure.

Facts about Madonna

4. Madonna–A Cheer Leader

Yes, she is a cheer leader. According to Madonna, she has been a member of Roschester Adams High School’s cheer leading team before moving to New York for a career in 1977.

Facts about Madonna

3. A Small Hometown

Madonna was born to Louise Veronica Ciccone on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan. She says that it was a small town with not enough facilities for the residents. She once referred to her hometown as “a stinky town in Northern Michigan,” on one of her television shows.

Facts about Madonna

2. Madonna–World Record Holder

Madonna is one of those Hollywood celebs whose name is present in the Guinness Book of World Record. Yesterday, we had told you that Jackie Chan has also his name as a world recorder. Madonna’s name is registered as the most successful female recording artist ever.

Facts about Madonna

1. She Fears Thunder

Many of her fans don’t know that Madonna afraid of thunder. Enjoying the weather of black clouds and so much rain is never possible for this lady, because she feels bad when there comes too much thunder. This is said to be because Madonna was once had a serious psychological disorder.

Facts about Madonna

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