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Top 10 Inventions by Women that Changed the World

When it comes to change the world with science and technology, both men and women work had to dominate each others. The human history is full with so many discoveries and inventions that can be credited to women, this gives us a clear view that women sometimes does better jobs than the men. Let us check out the list of top 10 inventions by women that changed the world. I am sure this list will be enough to convince you that today’s women are not behind the race of prosperity and success than the men.

10. The Car Heater by Margaret A. Wilcox

Inventions by Women

The first car heater was created in a way that it could direct air from over the engines for the purpose of warming the chilly toes of aristocratic 19th century motorists. This was created by Margaret A. Wilcox in 1893. She was a mechanical engineer and used to experiment in her lab on different things and creations. Margaret had also invented a combined clothes and dish washer, which is commonly used nowadays.

9. Monopoly by Elizabeth Magie

Inventions by Women

Monopoly is one of the best board games that is responsible to entertain the whole family for hours and hours. Do you know who the inventor of this game is? Well, it is an invention of Elizabeth Magie. She created this game in 1904 under the original name “The Landlord’s Game”. The game of that time was criticized for being ironic and was completely ripped off by Charles Darrow about thirty years later. So it was sold to Parker Brothers for USD500.

8. The Fire Escape by Anna Connelly

Inventions by Women

The fire escape is a an ant-fire device that is nowadays a compulsory product to make sure the security and safety of public and private sector buildings. This is also great to be placed in urban hipsters where smokers are found in a large number. This device is an invention of Anna Connelly. She created it in 1887.

7. The Life Raft by Maria Beasely

Inventions by Women

It is said that once in 1882, Maria Beasely took a look out at the sea from her room’s window and said, “People should, like, stop dying in huge transportation disasters.” She was a famous scientist of her times, and is the woman behind the creation of Lift Raft, a machine that makes barrels. Due to this creation, she earned a lot of money and became a millionaire in shorter timeframe.

6. Residential Solar Heating by Dr. Maria Telkes

Inventions by Women

Physicist and solar-power pioneer Dr. Maria Telkes had invented Residential Solar Heating System. For accomplishing this project, she made a team with the architect Eleanor Raymond and worked hard to build the very first solar power system for her house in 1947.

5. The Medical Syringe by Letitia Geer

Inventions by Women

Nowadays, living without a medical syringe is simply not possible. It is widely and excessively used in medial centers, hospitals, private clinics, and research labs. This wonderful creation of medicines fist came into being in 1899. Letitia Geer is the creator of medical syringe.

4. Modern Electric Refrigerator by Florence Parpart

Inventions by Women

Florence Parpart was invented the modern electric refrigerator in 1914. During 1900, she worked on several research projects and had a chance to receive a patent for an improved street-cleaning machine. Finally, she came up with another creation “Electric Refrigerator” which she marketed and sold to companies of America at high prices.

3. Ice Cream Maker by Nancy Johnson

Inventions by Women

Nancy Johnson invented the ice cream maker in 1843. The design of her machine was quite simple, but she used to make ice-cream at home in this machine. Later on, she started selling her ideas to big companies and the current ice-cream maker with improved qualities and features got invented.

2. Computer Algorithm by Ada Lovelace

Inventions by Women

Ada Lovelace was the daughter of Lord Byron. It was her father who provided her enough room and encouragement to become a great scientist. She was an expert of math and computer programming. Lovelace worked with Charles Babbage at the University of London on the project of “analytic engine”. Finally she came up with Computer Algorithm after long-time efforts.

1. Telecommunications Technology by Dr Shirley Jackson

Inventions by Women

The theoretical physicist Dr Shirley Jackson was a black woman. She completed her Ph.D. from MIT in 1973. She is the lady who created telecommunication technology concepts. While working at Bell Laboratories, she had conducted several experiments that enabled her to invent the portable fax machines, touch tone telephones, solar cells, fiber optic cables, and various other technology-oriented products. She didn’t hide the secrets of her inventions, and shared it with the other scientists worldwide.

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