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Top 10 Largest Electronic Companies in the World and their Revenues

There are a lot of electronic companies in the world. In fact, it is quite difficult to count on their number. The competition among these companies is very high. Every electronic manufacture wants to dominate its rivals in this industry. This urge to become better creates an environment of competition, and as a result we get lots of quality electronic products. Here is the list of top 10 largest electronic companies in the world with their revenues.

10. Microsoft:

Largest Electronic Companies

Basically Microsoft is a tech company but now dealing fairly in electronic gadgets as well. It’s headquarter is in America and this company is operating since 1975. Microsoft is one of the dominating companies known for its high valued and use-friendly products. This company’s estimated annual revenue is USD15 billion.

9. Panasonic:

Largest Electronic Companies

Panasonic Corporation is also a famous company and one of the leading electronic manufactures in the world. Panasonic’s cameras, televisions, home appliances and office appliances are always considered to be reliable. This company’s estimated annual revenue is USD18 billion as per the current records.

8. IBM:

Largest Electronic Companies

IBM’s name needs no introduction. It is an abbreviation of International Business Machines Corporation. This USA based company has its showrooms and outlets in all parts of the world. Since 1911, IBM is serving the clients with great pride and confidence and its approximate yearly revenue is USD20 billion.

7. Fujitsu:

Largest Electronic Companies

Fujitsu is a well known Japanese company. It’s electronic and tech gadgets are known the world over for their high performance and reliability. Fujitsu came into being in June 1935 and it enjoys about USD30 billion annual revenue.

6. online store.com:

Largest Electronic Companies

online store is a wonderful online store selling books, IT products, electronic items, clothes, furniture, toy, foods and jewelries etc. I don’t think there would be anyone who doesn’t love to give online store\’s product a hand. Why not, its items are always reliable and high performing. online store is in the industry since 1995 and is proud to sell numerous products and devices to its global clients every day. This company has about USD30 billion annual revenue.

5. Dell:

Largest Electronic Companies

Dell Inc. is one of the biggest electronic and tech devices distributors in the world. It is headquartered in Texas, USA but has its offices and showrooms in all big and small parts of the world. Dell is currently selling more than 103400 products to its global customers and enjoys about USD40 billion annual revenue.

4. Hewlett Packard/HP:

Largest Electronic Companies

Hewlett Packard is known as HP, it is a famous and well reputed electronic and IT products making company. HP sells computers, mobiles, home appliances, PCs and various other products and is operating since 2007. It has approximate annual revenue of USD50 billion and is a famous networking hardware and software manufacturer as well.

3. Apple Inc.

Largest Electronic Companies

Apple is a leading and one of the most dominating tech and electronic companies in the world. It has its head office in America but operates with its sub-offices and divisions in all major cities of the world. Apple’s estimated annual revenue is USD60 billion and is increasing day by day because this company is getting much more fame than the rival companies in the same sector.

2. Foxconn:

Largest Electronic Companies

Foxconn is a famous and well versed Taiwanese transnational electronics company. It was founded in 1974 and since then is operating proudly. Foxconn promises its customers to provide them reliable and well pefromign products. This is might be the reason that its approximate yearly revenue has increased as compared to the previous few years, which is currently USD70 billion.

1. Samsung Electronics:

 Largest Electronic Companies
Samsung Electronics takes the first position in the list of largest electronic companies. It knows well how to meet the challenges of tomorrow and provide the clients with high profile cellphones and electronic items. Its estimated annual revenue is USD90 billion.


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