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Top 10 Little Known Facts about Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan was born on April 7, 1954, to Charles and Lee-Lee Chan. His parents were the refugee of the Chinese Civil War. He was nicknamed Pao-pao. Since his childhood, Jackie was a brilliant student. He has been one of the most fantastic Hong Kong actors, directors, and movie producers. He has been known for his acrobatic fighting style in the movies, and has given the fans a lot of hit movies. According to a source, Jackie spent 50 years in the film industry, and did over 100 movies. Check out these top 10 little known facts about Jackie Chan.

10. He Almost Died in a Stunt

Jackie Chan is one of the finest ace stunt performers. He has been known for his courage and brave stunts. In 1986, Jackie was almost killed while performing one of the dangerous stunts. He has to fly down to Yugoslavia and was to go jump from a wall to a tree. During this stunt, he lost his balance, and fell to the ground. He was immediately brought to the hospital.

Facts about Jackie Chan

9. A Perfectionist with Highest Takes for a Scene

It is true that the movies are big deal. Many stars experiment in a lot of ways just to give a single perfect scene. But our beloved Jackie Chan has beaten their records. During the shooting of the movie, ‘Dragon Lord’ (1982), he had over 2700 takes for a single ten-minute scene. This is what we can call ‘Perfectionist’. He was awarded by the Guinness World Record for this particular scene.

Facts about Jackie Chan

8. Jackie Sings, Credited for 20 Music Albums

Did you know he is a singer as well? If no, then let e tell you that Jackie Chan is an awesome singer, who has released about 20 music albums to his name. He was fond of singing, but didn’t make it his career. He sung the theme songs of his film ‘Young Master’.

Facts about Jackie Chan

7. His Body is full of Injuries

Almost every part of his body has injuries. How? Obviously because he has been doing so many dangerous stunts. For many times, his legs were broken, face was injured, and body tissues were severely damaged—but Jackie never lost the hope and kept on giving awesome performance.

Facts about Jackie Chan

6. His Parents Left Him in Childhood

Jackie’s father, Charles was a spy worker of China. He had arrested a stage performer and opium seller named Lee-Lee, whom he later married. His parents, unfortunately, left him in his childhood. The two settled in Hong Kong, and Jackie was left in a boarding school. His parents didn’t care much whether he lives or dies, because they loved him very little.

Facts about Jackie Chan

5. Jackie Doesn’t Understand Hollywood

Jackie isn’t a big fan of Hollywood movies. Even after spending years in the film industry, he says that he didn’t develop much understanding how Hollywood movies are made and what kind of strategies are best for making a particular movie blockbuster. He also said that he disliked Rush Hour and would not like to do any of its sequels ever in life.

Facts about Jackie Chan

4. Angry Jackie’s Real Fight on Set

During the shooting of ‘Wheels on Meals’ in 1984, Jackie became angry for being hurt by Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez (a kickboxing world champion). A fight scene was being filmed on the two, when Jackie lost his stamina and started real fight on the set. Soon the crew members got involved and separated Jackie from Urquidez. Later on, both of these stars appeared in a fight scene of the movie, ‘Dragons Forever’ (1988).

Facts about Jackie Chan

3. A Stunt That Froze His Blood

It happened in one of his best stunt performances. Jackie was feeling scared to perform that, but managed to pull off in ‘Who Am I?’ If you’ve watched this movie, you know that he had to slide down the 21 storied building in Rotterdam. This completely froze his blood, because the outside temperature was too low. He couldn’t even walk for many weeks, and was on complete bed rest, afterwards.

Facts about Jackie Chan

2. Jackie Chan’s Stuntmen Association

During his career, Jackie established his own stuntmen association named ‘Sing Kar Pan’. It was purposed to give training to the newcomers about how to perform different stunts and what are the martial art techniques. Jackie successfully headed this association for many years.

Facts about Jackie Chan

1. His Guinness World Records

We can credit this man for holding many records worldwide. What made him get a Guinness World Record was his awesome multi-talents. He is one of the finest directors, writers, producers, art directors, actors, stuntmen, gaffers, singers, vocalists, and music composers. Is that enough to say that Jackie has absolutely no alternate in the world of entertainment?

Facts about Jackie Chan

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