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Top 10 Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges in the World

Cantilever bridges are the bridges that are constructed by means of cantilevers, having the straight arrangements and are sustained on merely one end. For small footbridges, the cantilever may prove to be effortless beams. But for the large cantilever bridges which are planned for freeway or rail travel, there come many ideas to the minds of architects and experts. Let us check today’s list which is of top 10 longest cantilever truss bridges in the world. I am sure this amazing list will make you excited.

10. Horace-Wilkinson Bridge

This bridge is able to carry Interstate 10; Louisiana which is across Mississippi River from Port Allen; West Baton Rouge Parish to Baton Rouge; East Baton Rouge Parish. In one of its regions, there is a bridge named as “New Bridge”. It is named so because this is younger than two bridges which are crossing the river in Baton Rouge. The three split Horace Wilkinson used to serve in Louisiana legislature for about 54 years. Horace Wilkinson along with his sons and grandsons were privileged in 1968.

Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

9. Veterans Memorial Bridge

Veterans Memorial Bridge is another bridge in our list. It is also known as Gramercy Bridge. This cantilever overpass is situated above the Mississippi River which has connected Gramercy, Louisiana; St. James Parish to St. John the Baptist Parish. It is a new Mississippi River Bridge in Louisiana. The overpass has its approach, named as Louisiana Highway 3213 that runs approximately 3.79 miles from Louisiana Highway towards the west.

Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

8. Commodore Barry Bridge

Commodore Barry Bridge crosses the Delaware River from Chester; Pennsylvania to Bridgeport; Logan Township, New Jersey, USA. It is given this name because of John Barry who was American Revolutionary War idol and a citizen of Philadelphia. Its approximate length is 501.11 m. Commodore Barry Bridge was unlocked for traffic in Feb, 1974, and swaps a ferryboat between the two states.

Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

7. Forth Bridge

Next is Forth Bridge which is a beam overpass beyond the Firth of Forth, situated in the eastern side of Scotland, and about 9 miles in the western side of Edinburgh City Centre. Forth overpass was opened for traffic in March, 1890. Its approximate length is 8196 feet. It is occasionally referred as Forth Rail overpass.

Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

6. Pont De Quebec

It is one of the longest cantilever bridges in the world. This crosses the lower Saint Lawrence River towards the western Quebec City & Levis; Quebec, Canada. It is about 30 years old. In 1955 the Quebec Bridge was elected to be a National Historic Site of Canada. Since 1933, Pont De Quebec is owned by Canadian National Railway. Its width is 30 m, length is 982 m, and height is 104 m.

Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

5. San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is commonly known as Bay Bridge. It is one of the multifaceted bridges in the world. It is across San Francisco Bay; California, having a fraction of Interstate 80. This bridge connects San Francisco and Oakland. About 220,000 vehicles on a daily basis are carried on its two decks and has maximum span in United States.

Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

4. Tappan Zee Bridge

Tappan Zee Bridge’s official name is The Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge. It is situated in USA, and crosses Hudson River at a wider point. It connects South Nyack; Rockland with Tarrytown; Westchester in Lower Hudson Valley. Its length is around 15,013 feet.

Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

3. Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge has a hovering span over the Hooghly River; West Bengal, India. It was formed in 1943, and was named “New Howrah Bridge” previously. In June, 1965, it was renamed as Rabindra Setu. It is able to carry 100,000 vehicles and around 150,000 pedestrians every day, and is one of the busiest cantilever truss overpasses in the world.

Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

2. Minato Bridge

Minato Bridge is a double-deck overpass in Osaka; Japan. It was opened for traffic in 1974 and is longest overpass after Quebec Bridge and Forth Bridge. Its approximate length is 510 m (1673 ft).

Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

1. Crescent City Connection 

Crescent City Connection is also known as Greater New Orleans overpass. It connects U.S. Route 90 Business with the Mississippi River; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. It is the uttermost downstream overpass on the Mississippi river. Its approximate length is 13,418 ft and width is 52 ft.

Longest Cantilever Truss Bridges

Have you seen any of these bridges?