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Top 10 Longest Hollywood Celebrities Marriages

These days, spending a lot of money on marriages has become a trend. Not only the celebrities, but also the common people try their utmost to come up with the best wedding plans. The Hollywood marriages are especially known to be notoriously short, but the few moments even cost high to the celebrities. This is a list of top 10 longest Hollywood celebrities marriages. I am sure you’ll love the article. So, let us take a look.

10. Don and Barbara Rickles

Don Rickles married Barbara Sklar, a lady from Philadelphia on March 14, 1965. They have two kids from this wedding named Mindy and Larry Rickles. Their wedding celebrations lasted for over a week, and is still reminded by the guests who had been a part of this ceremony.

Longest Hollywood Celebrities Marriages

9. Bill Cosby and Camille Hanks

In 2015, Bill Cosby is going to celebrate his 51st anniversary with wife Camille Hanks. They married in 1964. The couple has five children, Erika, Erinn, Ensa, Evin, and Ennis. According to Bill Cosby, he still loves to spend the rest of his life with Camilla, and loves her a lot.

Longest Hollywood Celebrities Marriages

8. Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward had their wedding held in 1958. The couple remained married for 50 years until Newman died of lung cancer back in 2008. They had three daughters: Elinor Teresa (1959), Melissa “Lissy” Stewart (1961), and Claire “Clea” Olivia Newman (1965). They also have two grandsons.

Longest Hollywood Celebrities Marriages

7. Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy

The wedding of Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy remained for over 50 years, from 1942 until Tandy’s death in 1994. The couple had a daughter, Tandy Cronyn, and a son, Christopher Cronyn. They spent a lovely time together, and enjoyed the life fully.

Longest Hollywood Celebrities Marriages

6. James Garner and Lois Clarke

James and Lois had dated each other for just two weeks, and finally decided to marry in 1956. The couple has a daughter, Gigi. Garner separated from his wife in 1979, and reconciled in September 1981. They spent the whole life together until Garner died a month before their 58th anniversary.

Longest Hollywood Celebrities Marriages

5. Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara

Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara are enjoying a successful married life since 1954. They are amongst the famous comedy stars of 1960s and 1970s. The couple has two kids, Amy Stiller and Ben Stiller.

Longest Hollywood Celebrities Marriages

4. Regis and Joy Philbin

Philbin had married twice and has four kids. He was married to Catherine “Kay” Faylen, the daughter of celeb Frank Faylen, from 1955 to 1968. Then he decided to marry the famous interior designer, Joy Senese in 1970. They have two children together.

Longest Hollywood Celebrities Marriages

3. Christopher and Georgianne Walken

Christopher Walken married to Georgianne (a casting director) in 1969. They live in Wilton, Connecticut and have no kids. Still they are happily married, and love each other a lot.

Longest Hollywood Celebrities Marriages

2. Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft

Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft married in 1964. They remained together for more than 40 years until Bancroft’s death in 2005. In 1972 Bancroft gave birth to Maximillian “Max” Brooks.

Longest Hollywood Celebrities Marriages

1. Bob and Ginny Newhart

Bob Newhart married to Ginnie (daughter of Bill Quinn) in 1963. The couple has four kids named Robert, Timothy, Jennifer, and Courtney, and several grandchildren. Newhart said that this wedding is one of the best decisions he took in life.

Longest Hollywood Celebrities Marriages

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