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Top 10 Loveliest Poems about Nature — 2015

These are extraordinarily special poems about nature. Why I have shared them here is just because these poems are a way to express your positive feelings, of course the love for nature.

Among those so many poems that exist on the internet and in books, these clicked my mind a lot because of their great wording, in depth beautiful messages, and making us realize that getting closer to nature can make us enjoy stress-free life.

Check out these top 10 loveliest poems about nature — 2015.

10. Poem About A Wild Horse by Trish Beckwith

Aloft the wind
I ride the night sky
I see the world through a much different eye

It is too wild.

Loveliest Poems about Nature

9. Lesson from Nature by Linda

I watch the waves crash in, breaking on the shore
All their anger dispensed on the oceans floor
I look at the sky so blue, sun shining so bright
Spreading heat and happiness with its blinding light.

Loveliest Poems about Nature

8. Wind Howling by Sam

Awoken from my nightmarish dreams,
The sounds of wind, howling
Its fists beating against my windows.

Loveliest Poems about Nature

7. At The Mountainside by Lizzy

Fresh breeze and snowcapped peaks
sky inked with pale blue
the water at the lake is crystal clear
the green grass, cows silently chew.

Loveliest Poems about Nature

6. Thunderstorms by Joshua Isham

My favourite type of weather
Is a thunderstorm for sure
Because when I’m at home
I feel quite secure.

Loveliest Poems about Nature

5. Painting A Picture by Marie Negus

The sun sets across the horizon
The shadows grew
Mesmerized by the colors
The yellow and orange hues.

Loveliest Poems about Nature

4. I Am Dying by Joe Louis

I am the Earth.
Mother of them all.
I’m getting hotter and hotter each day,
I just want to lay and rest.

Loveliest Poems about Nature

3. A Moment to Smile by Sanam

Deep into the woods in my truck I seemed lost.
The brisk, chilly breeze was still holding the frost.
Because it was dried up and totally dead,
I decided to cut down this big tree instead.

Loveliest Poems about Nature

2. Nature by Mumtaz

The central time when dusk meets dawn
and the time when sun touches the lawn,
even in my heart’s legacy
I knew it was sheer ecstasy.

Loveliest Poems about Nature

1. The Grand Canyon by Sanjana Ali

She picked up her brush and began to paint
Her pallet of earth sometimes was faint
The depth of scene was beyond reach of eye
Topped now and again by a turquoise sky.

Loveliest Poems about Nature

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