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Top 10 Most Luxurious Airlines in the World 2014

It is always interesting for us to travel to distant places and spend some luxurious time. When it comes to choose the best airline to book for a trip, we usually think much of the ticket costs and other expenses. To some extent, it is understandable that we are conscious about the budget, but the luxuries cannot be have at cheap costs. If this winter, you have some plans to go abroad for spending the lovely holidays, then make sure you choose the right airline company. Let us explore the list of top 10 most luxurious airlines in the world in 2014.

10. Virgin Atlantic of British

The Virgin Atlantic of British was formed in 1984. It is one of the best airlines of UK. It offers best facilities to the travelers, and does its best to make their trip ideal. The airline company provides facility of personal entertainment, and even the free bar facilities within the airplanes. The food and drinks offered are health-friendly. Special assistance is also provided to the passengers.

Most Luxurious Airlines

9. Singapore Airlines

The Singapore Airlines is another luxurious and first-class airline service. It was established in 1947. It has claimed to be the biggest airline service of the world. The Singapore Airlines always uses new airplanes and never compromises the quality of its services. The facility of telephone call during the flight is also offered in some specific airplanes. Also, the leather seats are designed by Poltrona Frau to ensure the comfort of the travelers.

Most Luxurious Airlines

8. Japan Airlines

The Japan Airlines is not only a luxurious but also an expensive airline service. It was formed in 1951. It gives standard services to the guests. The seats are about 26 inches, and are fold able into bed of 6 feet. This way the comfort of the passengers is made possible. Also, the company serves good, delicious and quality food. Flight-outside cameras are helpful for security.

Most Luxurious Airlines

7. Air France

The Air France was launched in 1933. It is an airline that stands is known for its luxurious services and unbeatable facilities. The food menu is prepared by Guy Mart, world’s best chef. The guests are entertained with movies of various languages such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and Korean. The airline company is known to publish its articles in its own in-flight magazine French Magazine to captivate the attention of world’s travelers.

Most Luxurious Airlines

6. Cathay Pacific Airway Limited

The Cathay Pacific Airway Limited is another luxurious airline service. It was founded in 1946. Until 2006, it got much fame for bringing forth some of the best airplanes that suit the requirements of today’s travelers. This air company gives the best and outstanding facilities on flight, and deals the guests with keen attention. The staff is very friendly and professional.

Most Luxurious Airlines

5. Lufthansa Airlines

The Lufthansa Airlines is a famous airline service. It is a German airline, founded in 1953. To its passengers, Lufthansa provides the services of quality food, best cuisine, wine, television facility, and others. Also, a doctor is always there in the international flights to deal any of the emergency situations. Lufthansa has comfortable seats for the guests.

Most Luxurious Airlines

4. Swiss International Air Lines

Another luxurious airline is Swiss International Air Lines. It was introduced during 2002-03. It offers services like seven-course meal, high quality wines, and internal entertainment facilities. Its planes are equipped with video monitor to show the data about flight such as air’s speed, distance flown, and distance left etc. The internal cameras show the world to view.

Most Luxurious Airlines

3. British Airways

Here is another best airline in the world, British Airways. It was founded in 1972. It is an established and well-known airline service. It has been viewed in movies like James Bond films (Goldfinger 1964, Die Another Day 2002). Its air-crafts carry powerful engine. There is long flat- bed of 6 ft 6 inch in the private cabins. The guests are served with delicious and healthy food.

Most Luxurious Airlines

2. All Nippon Airways

The All Nippon Airways is a great airline company, founded in 1952. During the flight, you will experience best standard of comfort like entertainment through magazines, music, films, games, media player and LCD screen, and connectivity to the internet. Also, the guests are given delicious food, and for your children it has milk and juices available.

Most Luxurious Airlines

1. Emirates Airline

The Emirates Airline is a highly ranked airline company. It was founded in 1985. Until 2005, it grossed high and got worldwide fame. Its cabins are constructed in a way that the privacy of passengers is made sure. There is personal mini-bar with adjustable lights in some of the airplanes. The services of food, and entertainment are top notch. Some of its flights also offer five-star restaurant dishes in air.

Most Luxurious Airlines

Have you ever traveled through any of these airlines?