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Top 10 Makeup Mistakes Brides should not Make

As the selection of best outfits and jewelry for wedding is a tough thing, so is the makeup. The markets are full with great looking makeup products you can choose from. The right ways of using those products is what you have to take care of especially when your wedding day is approaching. It is important for every bride to look vibrating and gorgeous on her wedding. To make it happen, you should keep in mind the following top 10 makeup mistakes brides should not make, so that you’ve glorious and appealing look.

10. No Makeup Trials Please

Some of the ladies book their makeup just for a trial. The use of such items to see whether they’ll suit your face or not should be skipped. Don’t try to go to the parlor for trial makeup as this can seriously ruin your skin. Also remember to spur-of-the-moment smoky eye when you want a lighter look.

Makeup Mistakes Brides should not Make

9. Don’t Get Inspired

Keep in mind that you are not to copy anyone’s makeup on the wedding day. Just give your best to what you use and be yourself. Don’t try to get inspired by the celebrities or other brides in your circle, you are you and your personality is totally different from the rest of the women…So, don’t try to copy what other women are using in makeup.

Makeup Mistakes Brides should not Make

8. Don’t Neglect Your Body

The women, while doing the makeup on their weddings, usually neglect the rest of their body. This mistake shouldn’t be done by you. Make sure that if you’ve to wear a strapless or backless dress, you don’t forget using foundation on your chest, arms, back, or legs. Every body part that is going to get exposed should be beautified in a better way.

Makeup Mistakes Brides should not Make

7. Skimping on Waterproof Formulas 

On your wedding day, you’re giving hugs and kisses, dancing like an immature lady, and crying your ass off. This is what can make you loss your beauty and attraction. Your foundation, primer, blush, eyeshade, and mascara—all will get ruined if you don’t stop all this. Once you do so, don’t worry about your overall beauty.

Makeup Mistakes Brides should not Make

6. Keeping Your Makeup Uniform

You should keep your makeup look uniform on all the events of your wedding. It should be straight forward a bridal makeup. Nothing should happen that if you go for part makeup one day, and the other day you are having the very light makeup—just like teenage girls. Uniformity is necessary for you to look awesome on your wedding.

Makeup Mistakes Brides should not Make

5. Use Airbrush Makeup 

Use airbrush wisely. Apply your foundation, mascara, and eyeshades wisely. If you’re not convenient with such a brush, you can bring home soft makeup brushes that can well cover every part of your face and can ensure to make you look great on the wedding.

Makeup Mistakes Brides should not Make

4. Bright Dress with Lighter Makeup

Go for this idea to wear a bright colored dress and use lighter makeup. For example, if you are wearing red colored dress, then you can have baby pink or light purple makeup to enjoy a vibrating look. In fact, the brides with somewhat lighter makeup get the attention of maximum guests and look prettier than those with heavy and irritating makeup.

Makeup Mistakes Brides should not Make

3. Avoid Too Much Face Wash

If your wedding day is coming then that doesn’t mean you are free to use excessive face wash. You should, instead, make use of these products not more than two times a day. Wash your face three to four times with fresh flowing water, but the use of face wash—which contains many chemicals, is not good at all.

Makeup Mistakes Brides should not Make

2. Use of a Lipstick 

The use of a lipstick is lot better than a lip strain or lip gloss. It is often observed that the lip glosses come in oily shades, which cannot go well on brides. So be safe, and use lipsticks of vibrating and beautiful colors. It is highly recommended to the brides by various beauty experts that they shouldn’t use strains on their wedding day at any cost.

Makeup Mistakes Brides should not Make

1. Don’t Use Heavy False Lashes

Again, you must be using heavy false lashes. Am I right? But you shouldn’t go for it because your natural eye-lashes are enough for your beautiful face. But if still you aren’t satisfied, then use lighter lashes which cannot affect your makeup. Make sure you use glue to get them stick properly to your eyes.

Makeup Mistakes Brides should not Make

What do you do at the wedding or events in makeup? Share your comments with us!