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Top 10 Marvelous Attractions of Spain

Spain, being one of the major tourist countries, has never short of great attractions. This country is full of the places which are both captivating and gorgeous. Some of the Spain’s attractions are even of great value from a historical point of view, while others have become a part of country’s cultures and traditions. Let us see the top 10 marvelous attractions of Spain.

10. Naval Museum

The museum opens Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 2pm. There is no admission fee. Special tour guides can help you reach this museum and view its beautiful monuments. The guided tours usually take place at 11:30am every Saturday and Sunday. The museum remains closed on Mondays.

Marvelous Attractions of Spain

9. Stradivarius Collection in the Palacio Real

During winters, there remains extreme rush here. So, the ticket costs touch the skies, sometimes reaching over 10 Euros. So, you should come here in summers, when the price of ticket is 3-4 Euros.

Marvelous Attractions of Spain

8. Iron Gate – Puerta de Hierro

It is present in Avenida del Padre Huidobro Km 6, s/n. The buses that can lead you there are 83, 133, 162.

Marvelous Attractions of Spain

7. Carriage Museum

The Carriage Museum is situated in the Campo del Moro, close to Swan Lake. It remains open from Tuesday to Sunday. On Mondays and festival holidays, the museum remains closed. If you have a plan to go there, then make sure you are coming from 10 am to 5 pm. It is a must visit place because of its historic beauty and attraction.

Marvelous Attractions of Spain

6. El Oso y el Madroño

The sculpture has changed different locations. By 1986, it was located on the eastern side of Calle de Alcalá and Carrera de San Jerónimo. But later on, it was placed close to the Calle del Carmen. During September 2009, it was promoted with new renovation by Alberto Ruiz- Gallardón, and was brought back to its original location. You can visit this place anytime during the week.

Marvelous Attractions of Spain

5. Royal Basilica of Our Lady of Atocha

Close to this church are located the Pantheon of Illustrious Men or Panteón de Hombres Ilustres of Madrid. You can go there anytime from Tuesday to Sunday; 10 am to 5:00 pm. On Mondays and public holidays, it is closed.

Marvelous Attractions of Spain

4. Segovia Bridge

The bridge is structured on 9 arches that are decreasing from the center towards the two extremes. What makes it special is the property stone spheres, signature of Juan de Herrera, and decorative sides.

Marvelous Attractions of Spain

3. Royal Theater

Guided visits are held at the theater. A visit can be arranged every half an hour for at least 10 and maximum 25 individuals. The time for visit is 45 to 50 minutes. Ticket can be taken from the office during 10:00 am. and 01:00 pm.

Marvelous Attractions of Spain

2. Decorative Arts Museum

Initially, the museum was located in a building on Sacramento Street in El Madrid de los Austrias where it consisted of only six rooms. During 1932, it was moved to its current site on Montalbán Street, between the Paseo del Prado and Retiro Park. Now the museum has over 60 rooms that are spread over its five floors. You can take metro Banco de España & Retiro (both line 2) to reach this museum.

Marvelous Attractions of Spain

1. Church of San Jose

The Golden Altar is an interesting thing to watch in this church. It remains open all days of the week, timings are 9 am to 16:00 pm. The church, however, remains closed on public holidays.

Marvelous Attractions of Spain

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