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Top 10 Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters in the History

Sometimes the road to hell is paved even with our good intentions. The humanity’s achievements lead us to big disasters and destructions. If we take a look at the history, we come to know that various big blunders are either due to natural phenomenon or due to man’s failed activities. Along the good ways we’ve hit some potholes, and sometimes they prove to be extremely massive and serious. Let us check out the list of top 10 most memorable man-made disasters in the history.

10. The Great Smog

In 1952, Londoners had no idea that the coal he’s trying to bun the home warm could cause a big disaster. Due to this coal, the pollution started causing and this is not less than a disaster when it gets entered our air due to the harmful industrial gases. Soon the Sulphur Dioxide from the coal cobbled with the industrial waste and became the reason of respiratory tract-related problems.

Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters

9. Fidenae Amphitheatre Collapse

In 27 AD, a local businessman laid the foundation of a stadium to celebrate the Gladiatorial games after their ban was lifted. Because of the use of substandard materials and urgency to fulfill the requirement within the given timeframe, the construction process was stepped up. Unluckily, the venue collapsed and over twenty thousand people lost their lives.

Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters

8. Church of the Company Fire

In the history, the Church of the Company Fire had to suffer with a disaster. It happened during a celebration when one of its lamps ignited a long draper. An onlooker had been trying to extinguish the fire, but failed. It, instead intensified and blazed the wooden roof. More than three thousand individuals lost their lives in this incident. All of them had come here for worship.

Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters

7. Bombing of Chongqing

For avoiding the incessant bombardment by the Japanese Army on the Chinese city Chongqing, various individuals tried to escape into bomb shelters. But it didn’t stop until three hours passed, and the people in the shelters died of suffocation. According to an estimate, over 25,00 individuals lost their lives in this accident.

Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters

6. Tenerife Airport Disaster

In 1977, Tenerife airport saw one of the most horrible aviation accidents in the history. The airport’s air traffic system saw a blast as the result of a big bomb that went off at Gran Canaria airport. Due to this reason, all the flights were diverted to Tenerife Airport. Airport authorities tried to accommodate the unexpected traffic in the dense fog, but couldn’t do anything to save flights like Boeing 747 aircraft, KLM Flight 408, and Pan Am Flight 1736. More than five hundred people lost their lives.

Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters

5. Banqiao Dam Collapse

The Banqiao Dam was already repaired before it collapsed because of too much rain in China’s Henan province. As a result, over 25,000 individuals lost their lives because of the initial flood while 145,000 were exposed to epidemic diseases.

Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters

4. Halifax Explosion

No one could ever imagine that collision of two ships carrying highly explosive materials would be so destructive. It proved as an invitation of an enormous Tsunami. The people started gathering across the shoreline to see the damaged vessels sink. At that time, an 18-meter tall Tsunami wave dragged them into the water. Over 7,000 individuals were injured and many of them lost their lives.

Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters

3. Bhopal Disaster

Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) leaked from a pesticide plant in India (Bhopal). This happened when the tank had accidently exploded. Over eight thousand people had been killed in this accident, and around 200,000 were admitted to hospital with MIC symptoms.

Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters

2. MV Dona Paz

MV Dona Paz had seen a severe accident on its way to Manila. When the ship collided with gasoline of Dona Paz, the people started jumping into the sea for saving their lives. More than 15,00 individuals lost their lives, and there were only 26 survivors.

Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters

1. Benxihu Colliery Explosion

In 1942, the Benxihu coal and the entrance of iron mine were set ablaze by a gas explosion in a shaft. The Japan was heading the project. They evacuated the site right away. But this couldn’t help at all because the workers were captured in the burning mine. It took the livs of more than 15,00 individuals.

Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters

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