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Top 10 Most Amazing Future Technologies That Will Make a Fortune

There are bright chances that the future is for those who are creative minded, and ready to take challenges. A lot of inventions and discoveries have made us able to find more and more in the fields of science and technology. The scientists are busy day and night for some marvelous creations. Here we have shared the list of top 10 most amazing future technologies that will make a fortune.

Most Amazing Future Technologies That Will Make a Fortune

10. Fusion Energy

Dr. Ernest Rutherford and his team members, in 1917, came up with the first split of an atom. This is now possible to use fusion energy in multiple fields. The aim of nuclear physicists is to make the technology safer for the living things. Chances are there that this technology will make handsome fortune in near future, because almost all the countries are trying to be self-dependent in fusion energy field.

Fusion Energy

9. Cloning

Without any doubt, cloning is going to be a high demanding technology. Why? Well, the answer is it has widest applications in medical sciences. The major benefit of cloning is in organ transplantation and regeneration of tissues and blood cells. Chances are that it would lead us to have artificial organs, hairs, and limbs in near future.


8. Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a computer’s capacity of absorbing, analyzing and learning the given set of information, and then processing the data accordingly. This technology is already making its way in our lives. Soon it is going to get absorbed in our personalities. We may have smartphones, computers, and other devices all with self-sufficient artificial technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

7. Virtual Reality

Since 1970, a lot of projects have been started to know what virtual reality is and how it can shape our lives. Advancement in the technology from the Nintendo Virtual Boy to Oculus Rift is all because of this cool technology. It has delivered a lot to make our living rooms look like the heavens.

Virtual Reality

6. Robotics

The robotic technology is already dominating our lives in one way or the other. Apart from its applications in medicines, and other fields, it is now going to take place of humans. Soon the factories and big companies would have robots working as their employees. Their high speed of work cannot be matched by humans. So, the technology will make a good fortune.


5. Holography

The holography is going to give a new horizon to the way to take our world. Soon the markets will have televisions with special effects, statues dancing topless, and the girls walking all over our desktops. Doesn’t this sound like a dream? Well, this is all because holography is getting more and more involved in our lives.


4. Memory Streaming

The memory streaming is a concept that involves the recording and replaying of what is going on in the human brain. With this, the scientists can find the hidden secrets of your heart and can judge your intelligence level. The technology would soon have many applications in our lives.

Memory Streaming

3. Inter-Species Communication

The inter-species communication involves speaking with someone without the use of language or words. This may sound impossible but a technology is soon coming to our hands that will arguably make it possible. So, stop poisoning others’ lives with your bad words and the communication among the species through this technology is on its way.

Inter-Species Communication

2. Commercial Space Travel

The commercial space travel involves reaching the distant stars and planets for commercial purposes. Don’t get surprised because the astronomers and space scientists are already busy making it possible. The companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX have been vying for becoming the commercial space travelers.

Commercial Space Travel

1. Bionics

It is one of the most amazing technologies. The marvels of Bionics are endless. This is an application of Biology to the studies of engineering systems. It may come up with real-looking animals, plants, and even it is possible to generate real-looking humans with all body functions. Let us see if this brings forth something special.


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