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Top 10 Most Beautiful Armenian Women in 2016

Armenian women have always topped the lists of beauty contests since ages. These ladies are renowned for their perfect hourglass figures. By whole, they are a pack of talent, proportionate curves, and appealing personalities. Here we have talked about top 10 most beautiful Armenian women in 2016.

Most Beautiful Armenian Women

10. Lilu

Lilu is an Armenian sensation. She is a graceful dancer, and television presenter. Lilu owns a beauty for which every young man dies. She is very hot.


9. Yvette Nelson

Yvette Nelson is model of America, and has worked in several television shows. She is originally from Armenia. Yvette is a graceful and exceptional female of the era.

Yvette Nelson

8. Christy Canyon

Christy Canyon is like the half-Armenian Vanessa Del Rio. She is one of the hottest and very charming Armenian females. Christy is a graceful lady who has worked on television and in movies.

Christy Canyon

7. Gohar Harutunyan

Gohar is former beauty queen who won the title of Miss Armenia 1988. She is a very talented and well curvy female. She worked with many fashion brands of top class.

Gohar Harutunyan

6. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is the lesser-known but similarly-blessed Kardashian. She is an Armenian female who has worked with several fashion brands as a model.

Kourtney Kardashian

5. Mari Axel Nubaryan

Mari Axel Nubaryan has gotten great figure and amazing personality. She is an Armenian lady having huge fan following due to being amazing model and actress. Mari has been a part of television shows.

Mari Axel Nubaryan

4. Alice Panikian

Alice Panikian rose to fame when she was crowned Miss Canada 2006. This Armenian female is one of the top ranked actresses and models of the era.

Alice Panikian

3. Taylor Rain

Taylor Rain is a film star who worked on tv as well in Armenia. She is a “brunet” with a “cavernous bunghole.” She is a true bombshell to date.

Taylor Rain

2. Tulip Joshi

Tulip Joshi is an Armenian female in Bollywood. She has a resume that includes Dhokha and Matrubhoomi. She is always loved to be watched while doing acting.

Tulip Joshi

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian needs no introduction. She is the hottest, prettiest, and most successful Armenian female of the era. Kim rose to fame as a reality show star, and has countless fans all over the world.

Kim Kardashian

Apart from the above Armenian females, there are many others some of which are even a part of Hollywood and American fashion industries. The ladies mentioned here, however, are very charming and successful in their respective fields.