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Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Men

We usually recognized the celebrities and models from their talent and looks. When it comes to choose the beautiful men, we observe that Asian dudes are not behind than any Hollywood celebs. Check this list of top 10 most beautiful Asian men.

Most Beautiful Asian Men

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10. Jung Ji-Hoon (Rain) – Korea

Rain is a highly rated beautiful and hot Asian man. He belongs to Korea, and has been famous for his attractive smile. He joined Korean army, and has been known for his top notch fashion sense.

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Jung Ji-Hoon

9. Park Yoo Chun – South Korea

Park Yoo Chun is a South Korean idol. He is a great singer, songwriter, and dancer. He is known for his impressive and beautiful voice. He has been the member of TVXQ, and owns great personality.

Park Yoo Chun

8. Gackt Camui (Gackt) – Japan

Gackt is one of the most beautiful Asian men. He is a gorgeous singer, actor, and television personality from Japan. He has always been known for his astonishing videos, and singles.

Gackt Camui

7. Jaejoong – Hot Asian Guy from South Korea

Jaejoong is another gorgeous man having charismatic smile and magnificent voice. He is enough attractive to make the girls crazy. He has deep eyes to fell in love with.


6. Jang Geun Suk – South Korea

Jang Geun Suk is a South Korean model, dancer, singer, and television personality. He is a South Korean man. His debut album ‘Just Crazy’ has been sold more than 88 thousand times.

Jang Geun Suk

5. Kamijo Yuuji – Japan

Kamijo Yuuji has a great voice, and is an outstanding Japanese celeb. He is cute, good looking and lovely to have around. He has been one of the most beautiful Asian men. He has been a charming and impressive singer of the era.

Kamijo Yuuji

4. KyuHyun – Korea

KyuHyun is clever, strong willed and mischievous man of Korea. He has been famous for his great body, proportionate face and outstanding figure. He is a man to die for. He has dark brown eyes which tend to light up the events he participates in.

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3. Jung Yunho – South Korea

Jung Yunho is a South Korean singer and fashion model. He is a bit tall, physically fit, and is famous for his unique fashion sense. His meticulous voice can melt you down.

Jung Yunho

2. Lee Min Ho – South Korea

Lee Min Hoo is one more South Korean dude. He is insanely handsome, and very charming. He has cool personality and charming eyes. He is a great actor, musician, singer, and model.

Lee Min Ho

1. Hideto Takarai (Hyde) – Japan

Hideto is hot stage performer. He is originally from Japan and is famous all over the world as a singer and dancer. Hideto’s voice makes women go out of this world. He is a very cool and successful celeb of the era.

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Hideto Takarai

All of these males have been famous in their respective fields. They are either multi-talented or skilled in one field only, but the fact is they are high-profile and of course handsome dudes. They are always loved for their brilliant singing, dancing, acting, or modeling talents etc. What do you feel about these handsome Asians?