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Top 10 Most Beautiful Chilean Women in 2015

Chile is also called as the Republic of Chile. Its capital is Santiago. It is a place where you can find beautiful nature wonders. Chile is also gifted with charming, men, and women, many of which are working in fashion and entertainment industries. Here we have shared an interesting list of top 10 most beautiful Chilean women in 2015.

Most Beautiful Chilean Women

10. Maria Elena Swett

Maria Elena Swett is an actress and TV presenter from Santiago, Chile. She was born on April 11, 1979. She has been a part of many movies. Maria is a very charming and talented female, best known for her works like La Otra Cara del Espejo (1999), Aquí Mando Yo (2011), Socias (2013) and more.

Maria Elena Swett

9. Juanita Ringeling

Juanita Ringeling is another actress and fashion model, belonging to Zapallar, Chile. She was born on May 15, 1986. Some of her movies are Marcelo, la mafia y la estafa (2011), Patagonia de los sueños (2012), 09 (2013), The ABCs of Death (2013), and Barrio universitario (2013).

Juanita Ringeling

8. Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo is a Chilean actress, and singer. She belongs to Santiago, Chile. She was born on November 12, 1979. She has been a very attractive and top notch lady, who has worked in movies like Control (1994-1995), The Jury (2004), The 33 (2014) and more.

Cote de Pablo

7. Ximena Huilipan

Ximena Huilipan is a model and female celebrity. She was born on September 19, 1986, in Chile. She has won various awards due to her superb performance. Some of her top notch films are Eternal Blood aka Sangre Eterna (2002).

Ximena Huilipan

6. Josefina Montane

Josefina Montane is an actress and super model from Santiago, Chile. She was born on April 16, 1988. She has worked for many big brands during her career. Josefina is an adorable female who has been a part of projects like Soltera otra vez (2012), Las Vega’s (2013), Soltera otra vez 2 (2013), and Mi querido dilema (2014).

Josefina Montane

5. Monica Godoy

Monica Godoy is a successful and one of richest actresses from Santiago, Chile. Monica was born in May, 1976. She has worked in more than 30 movies, some best being Sucupira (1996), Pepe Carvalho (2004), Hijos Del Monte (2008), 40 y Tantos (2010), El Laberinto de Alicia (2011), and Secretos en el Jardín (2013).

Monica Godoy

4. Denise Rosenthal

Denise Rosenthal is a singer, songwriter, and actress from Santiago, Chile. She was born on November 8, 1989. Denise is a bold and beautiful lady who has appeared in movies such as El Limpiapiscinas (2011), and El Babysitter (2013).

Denise Rosenthal

3. Celine Reymond

Celine Reymond is an actress cum model from Chile. She was born in August, 1980. Some of her films are Descarado (2006) Los angeles de Estela (2009), Maldita (2012), Graduados (2013) and more.

Celine Reymond

2. Constanza Piccoli

Constanza Piccoli was born in Santiago, Chile, on November 19, 1992. She is one of the youngest and most energetic females of the era. Her top movies are Karkú: un viaje de aventuras (2012), and El babysitter (2014).

Constanza Piccoli

1. Maria Gracia Omegna

Maria Gracia Omegna was born on November 10, 1984. Some of her movies are La vida de los peces (2010), Carne de perro (2013), El Facilitador (2013) and others. She is a marvelous actress, and very appealing fashion model.

Maria Gracia Omegna

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