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Top 10 Most Beautiful Female DJs 2015

There is no doubt that the females of fashion, entertainment, and media industries have to maintain their high profiles and charm in order to stay alive in the hearts of audience. There are numerous incredibly beautiful and gorgeous ladies. Luckily most of them are successful as well in their respective fields. Let us check the list of top 10 most beautiful female DJs 2015.

10. DJ Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke has been a successful and extremely beautiful DJ. She played her first set in February 2009 and has been a part of various modeling campaigns as well. She has worked as DJ in countries like China, India, America, and others. Sam regularly appears Ministry Of Sound and entourage in Manchester.

Most Beautiful Female DJs

9. Tamara Sky

Tamara Sky is one of the hottest females in the world. She is widely popular for her consummate taste for party rocking. She loves to play variety of songs for the listeners and knows well how to keep them captivated throughout her shows. Tamara moved to Miami Beach at 19 and started hanging out with some notorious partiers. She is truly very beautiful.

Most Beautiful Female DJs

8. Keli Hart

Keli started her career as a DJ in 2005 playing her first gig at the uber cool L’Otel in Sydney. Since then, she has become a top notch female of music industry. Keli Hart has played for hundreds of fans actors Australia and other parts of the world. Her meteoric rise has been a testament to her abilities. She has sparkling personality and pretty face. She is hot, talented, and enough lovely to rock the night.

Most Beautiful Female DJs

7. Mari Ferrari

Mari Ferrari is another famous and beautiful DJ. She usually plays with some top notch nightclubs across the world. She is too young, impressive, and brilliant. She started her career in 2007. 2011 has been a blessed year for this lady because she collaborated with Adam Reeves.

Most Beautiful Female DJs

6. Charlotte Narni

Charlotte Narni has been an awesome DJ. She has not only worked for others’ shows, but also has her own shows run by famous radio stations. She works in countries like Greece, Sri Lanka, China, Cyprus, USA, Canada, France, and many more. She is hot, and beautiful dancer of the era.

Most Beautiful Female DJs

5. Kellie Acreman

Kellie Acreman has been a world famous DJ. She is one of the top ranked UK’s female DJs ever. She is originally from Torquay. Kellie started her career in 2005. She is glamorous, beautiful, and has been a former fashion model. She participated in a number of shows and performed really very well.

Most Beautiful Female DJs

4. Lisa Kensington

Lisa Kensington is known to deliver music with unique attitude, style, and immense level of grace. She owns ethnic beats with sexy vocals, and plays various tracks on the basis of her fans’ demand. She is truly an asset of the era. She is hot, and very sexy lady. She knows how to take the atmosphere.

Most Beautiful Female DJs

3. DJ Juicy M

Juicy M is one of the most successful DJs in Europe. She has been performing since 2006, and so far has worked for over 200 venues in 30 countries almost. She only works for high profile clubs and events such as Trofana Arena (Austria), Pacha (Egypt), Alcova (Singapore), Horizon Lounge (Dubai), The Rooftop (Hanoi), Kino Cottage (Mumbai), D’Lux (Kiev), and many more.

Most Beautiful Female DJs

2. DJ Niki Belucci

Niki Belucci is the symbol of beauty, charm, eroticism, freedom, and energy. She started her career as a model, but soon became a DJ. She plays for best nightclubs of America, Dubai, and Thailand etc. She has so far given over 200 performances to worldwide music lovers.

Most Beautiful Female DJs

1. DJ Claudia Cazacu

Claudia Cazacu has gotten a prominent position in our list for being beautiful and highly attractive. As a DJ, she knows to set build from minimal influenced tracks. She is aware of what her fans like to hear and how to present her songs and dances awesomely. Claudia runs her own label, ‘COUTURE’.

Most Beautiful Female DJs

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