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Top 10 Most Beautiful Female News Anchors in 2015

In today’s world, media industry has greatly flourished and has become one of the largest and most powerful. The media persons are given full freedom to raise their voices against an issue or a particular person. This industry offers millions of jobs to the talented men and women who hold good degrees. A lot of professional and beautiful ladies have been in this industry for many years. Here are the top 10 most beautiful female news anchors in 2015.

10. Megyn Kelly

Network: Fox News, America Live

Megyn Kelly has been the anchor of “America Live” a daytime news program on Fox News Channel (FNC), which launched in February of 2010. She is an extremely beautiful and talented lady. She completed her graduation from law school in 1995 and practiced for nine years before becoming an anchor. In 2004, Kelly moved to Washington, D.C. to start her career as a news anchor with ABC affiliate. She has been one of the most remarkable female news anchors of all time. Kelly has anchored America Live, Fox News Channel’s 2012 election night alongside Bret Baier, and FNC’s primetime coverage of the presidential conventions.

Most Beautiful Female News Anchors

9. Julie Banderas

Network: Fox News, Fox Report Weekend

Julie Banderas has been another beautiful and successful news anchor of the era. She has been the co-host of “FOX & Friends First”. She has been a graduate of Emerson College Julie Banderas, and started her career from a news station in Cambridge, Mass. This lady has also worked as a general assignment reporter in 2005, and as the weekend host of “The Fox Report”.

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Most Beautiful Female News Anchors

8. Gigi Stone

Network: Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Enterprise

Gigi Stone is one more beautiful and highly attractive news anchor to date. She is a correspondent for Bloomberg Television in New York, where she has been covering different aspects of business and breaking news. She has anchored for different networks, covering business, entertainment and real estate. This gorgeous lady has also served as the co-host of “Bloomberg Enterprise”. Before joining Bloomberg in 2009, Stone reported on business, finance, and consumer affairs for ABC News.

Most Beautiful Female News Anchors

7. Jenna Lee

Network: Fox News, Happening Now

Jenna Lee completed her graduation from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She holds a master degree in journalism. From the early days of her studies, Jenna was fond of becoming an anchor. So, she started her career immediately after her studies. She is a reputable anchor of Fox News, and has worked for Forbes as well. There are countless shows this beautiful lady has hosted in her career.

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Most Beautiful Female News Anchors

6. Tamron Hall

Network: MSNBC, NewsNation with Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall is one of the national correspondents of NBC’s Today. She has worked as an anchor for MSNBC and hosted the program NewsNation with Tamron Hall. Other than this, Tamron co-anchored the third hour of Today Show along with Roker, Morales, and Willie Geist. During 2007, she was signed by MSNBC, where she served as a general reporter for several years.

Most Beautiful Female News Anchors

5. Courtney Friel

Network: KTTV-TV Los Angeles

Courtney Friel is another gorgeous, beautiful and successful news reporter. This hot American lady has worked for KTTV in Los Angeles Courtney Friel. She has taken several host gigs before settling into her current job as a reporter in Los Angeles, Calif. She started her career as a sports anchor of GoTV Mobile Television. Courtney has hosted the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel. There is a long list of her successful shows.

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Most Beautiful Female News Anchors

4. Susan Li

Network: Bloomberg TV, First Up with Susan Li; Asia Edge

Susan Li is one more pretty woman of television industry. She is one of the hottest anchors of Bloomberg Television. She completed her graduation from the University of Toronto. She has worked at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and then joined CCTV in China. Susan is a hard working and dedicated lady. She anchored her own show “First Up with Susan Li” which was awarded Best News Program at the 17th Asian Television Awards 2012.

Most Beautiful Female News Anchors

3. Robin Meade

Network: HLN, Morning Express with Robin Meade

Robin Meade is the daughter of a minister. She was raised in New London, and completed her graduation from New London High School. She started her anchoring career with WMFD-TV in Mansfield, Ohio. This beautiful lady has worked as a reporter for a number of reputable channels. She got a job as the morning news anchor of WSVN-TV’s Today in Florida. Robin has also been a part of the station’s noon anchor and health reporter.

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Most Beautiful Female News Anchors

2. Alex Wagner

Network: MSNBC, Now with Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner rose to limelight in a shorter timeframe. She completed her studies from the Brown University. She has been a talented and remarkable journalist. She had taken an editorial gig at the Fader, where she got the chance to become editor-in-chief. She spent four years at the helm and then moved to a non-profit founded by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Don Cheadle. In 2009, this beautiful lady started her own political program on MSNBC.

Most Beautiful Female News Anchors

1. Brooke Baldwin

Network: CNN, CNN Newsroom

Brooke Baldwin is at the top of our list. She has been a young, energetic, and beautiful news anchor of CNN. She started her career in Charlottesville, Va. Brooke is known for her distinctive style of anchoring. In 2008, she joined Rick’s List hosted by Rick Sanchez. She is a remarkable and hard working lady with a huge fan-following. She has studied Journalism and Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Most Beautiful Female News Anchors

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