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Top 10 Most Beautiful Flightless Birds in the World

When it comes to name the amazing birds, there are many names that strike our mind. Some of them have vanished from the face of the earth, while others are still alive and present in some parts of the world. Mostly such birds are present in forests of New Zealand, Australia, and Switzerland. Below we are discussing about the top 10 most beautiful flightless birds in the world.

Most Beautiful Flightless Birds in the World

10. Southern Cassowary

The Southern Cassowary is a long blue-colored flightless bird. It has three to four species existing on the planet Earth. It mainly lives in the tropics of Papua New Guinea, and the choice of habitat of this bird if similar to that of ostriches. You can better to keep a distance from them.

Southern Cassowary

9. Inaccessible Island Rail

There are about 20 rail species nowadays. This flightless bird lives in deep forests and green areas of distant islands. It is a little critter that people love to view. This can attack your children so if you happen to come across in a zoo, don’t forget to stay away from them.

Inaccessible Island Rail

8. Ostrich

One of the biggest and most beautiful flightless birds, Ostrich is famousfor its feathers and amazing colors. It runs faster than any other bird. These are mainly found in Africa and parts of America. Ostrich parts are found in dust feathers, meat, and leather. These live in both dry and wet climates.


7. Emperor Penguins

The Emperor Penguins are a type of penguins which are absolutely flightless. These are amongst the most amazing birds. They swim in the ocean and are able to migrating thousands of miles throughout the year. Their migration areas are mainly foraging and nesting ones. They lay eggs and transfer them to safe places.

Emperor Penguins

6. Kakapo

New Zealand’s kakapo is the only flightless bird present in the world. The bird is considered to be nocturnal, and herbivore in nature. These are among the endangered species, and a survey report say that less than 200 kakapos are left in the islands in New Zealand.


5. Kiwi

Kiwi is the national symbol of New Zealand. It is one of the cutest birds. There are five species, all of which are endemic to New Zealand. Kiwis are under severe threat of being vanished from the face of the earth. The adult kiwis have powerful legs, while the younger ones have weak legs, thus they cannot defend themselves from predators.


4. South American Grebes

We know very well that the grebes can fly, but there are a few of the species that are entirely flightless named as the Junin grebe and the Titicaca grebe. Both species are endangered and native to South America. They are unable to fly, thus to escape from predators, they run fast. They can also dive into the water for saving their lives.

South American Grebes

3. Flightless Cormorant

In the Galapagos archipelago, there are countless flightless cormorants. These are beautiful sport birds with blue eyes. Their wings are of varying sizes. They are large in size, and live in groups.

Flightless Cormorant

2. Greater Rhea

The largest bird is the Greater Rhea. These are flightless and gigantic birds. They have wings, but are unable to enjoy the time in skies. These birds, instead, run faster than any birds of the similar species. It is said that these birds can hide in tall growing crops, and save themselves from predators.

Greater Rhea

1. Emu

The Emus are native to Australia. Like many other small birds, these swallow rocks and can digest small birds and even the non-poisonous insects. These are present in abundance. During the night hours, these birds sit down for naps and don’t take long sleeps. It is better to stay miles away from them.


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