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Top 10 Most Beautiful Male News Anchors in 2015

There are countless male and female news anchors who rose to the limelight in a very short time. This article is about top 10 most beautiful male news anchors in 2015. If you are fond of listening news, I am sure you would be familiar with these hot dudes.

10. David Muir

David Muir is a wonderful, hot, and impressive news anchor of ABC. During his career, this man proved his skills. He is talented and hard working. He is one of the prettiest men in media industry ever.

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Most Beautiful Male News Anchors

9. Ron Corning

Ron Corning needs absolutely no introduction. He is a charming and gorgeous man. He has always captivated the attention of the audience as ABC news affiliate in Dallas. Ron has proved his skills throughout his career as a ‘man of talent’.

Most Beautiful Male News Anchors

8. Don Lemon

Don Lemon has been one of the most successful news anchors of CNN. He is known for his impressive personality and great delivery of news. He struggled a lot to maintain his repute in this industry, and has now become a remarkable anchor.

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7. Thomas Roberts

Thomas Roberts has proved himself to be extremely hot and beautiful male anchor. He has been long known for the selfies that went viral on social media and various websites in no time.

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Most Beautiful Male News Anchors

6. Dan Kloeffler

Dan Kloeffler is the ABC news anchor. He has always inspired us with his beauty, charm, and skills. He makes geeky look awesome. Dan is a dedicated and hard working man.

Most Beautiful Male News Anchors

5. John King

John King is the former CNN anchor. He has been a part of various morning shows, political programs, and others. John’s way of anchoring is very unique and highly impressive. He is a successful male of media industry.

Most Beautiful Male News Anchors

4. Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams is one of the finest ABC news correspondents who rose to the limelight a few years ago. He has been the host and anchor of various news shows and morning programs during his career.

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Most Beautiful Male News Anchors

3. Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott is one of my favorite ESPN reporters who turned to GMA anchor during his career. He is young, talented, and highly educated. Josh is known for his charming style of anchoring.

Most Beautiful Male News Anchors

2. Willie Geist

Willie Geist has long been known as a morning show anchor of the town. He joined media industry after completing his studies. In the early years, he had to work a lot to get a good position, but now he is one of the most accomplished anchors.

Most Beautiful Male News Anchors

1. Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is known for his frank and funny style of anchoring. He has been the favorite reporter of FOX news. Other than this, Anderson has worked for many shows of various other channels. He is hot, beautiful, and very handsome.

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Most Beautiful Male News Anchors

All of these males are among the highest paid news anchors and have been known to be dominating. Regardless of the fact that how many shows they’ve hosted, they have always maintained their distinctive position and are known for their great looks.


  1. Northern Free Thinker

    Totally missing badly from this list is Ian Hanomansing, the HOTTEST of all news men! http://www.bcliving.ca/sites/default/files/styles/article_full/public/Ian_Hanomansing_1.jpg?itok=sN7Gll29

  2. Might want to double-check your #6 image, homies, because that is actor Zachary Quinto and not Dan Kloeffler. LOL