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Top 10 Most Beautiful Moroccan Women in 2016

In Morocco, beautiful men and women are of no short. The following top 10 most beautiful Moroccan women in 2016 can be well regarded as ambassadors of elegance, beauty and glamour. We are hopeful you would love the list.

Most Beautiful Moroccan Women

10. Hind Benyahia

Hind Benyahia is a gorgeous and fabulous fashion model and television personality. This stunning female has always presented herself as a bold, confident and captivating persona. Hind has worked for various fashion companies and is an elegant lady, no doubt.

Hind Benyahia

9. Ihssane Atif

Ihssane Atif is a fashion diva. She is a writer, model and television celebrity. Ihssane began her modeling career in days when she was studying medicines. She is an “intelligently beautiful” Moroccan lady of the era.

Ihssane Atif

8. Ibtissam Ittouchane

Ibtissam Ittouchane is a beauty with brain. With her dynamic personality, Ibtissam always harmonizes with all fashions and styles. She is one of the hottest Moroccan females of the era.

Ibtissam Ittouchane

7. Fadoua Lahlou

Fadoua Lahlou is not only an exotically beautiful woman but also she is a lively example of how amazing Moroccan fashion models are. She is a traditional beauty with spectacular eyes, height, and graceful figure.

Fadoua Lahlou

6. Lamiaa Alaoui

Lamiaa Alaoui is young, wild and beautiful. She is a glamorous model and actress of Morocco. This classical beauty has worked with international brands, and has always adapted the styles of all types of fashion. This is what makes Lamiaa a successful female.

Lamiaa Alaoui

5. Widyan Larouz

Widyan Larouz is not only amazingly photogenic, but also fabulously stylish and fashion-oriented. This female of Morocco has made herself recognized as an actress and fashion model. Her style, grace and undeniable beauty enhance any garment she wears and she can definitely brighten any room with her fair complexion.

Widyan Larouz

4. Leila Hadioui

Leila Hadioui is an accomplished model, actress and TV personality. She was chosen by a fashion show organizer at the age of 17, in Casablanca. She is a lovely lady. Leila is now recognized as one of the most beautiful and elegant Moroccan models in the fashion industry. She has been the cover modelr of countless fashion magazines.

Leila Hadioui

3. Zineb Obeid

Zineb Obeid entered the public spotlight as an actress at the tender age of 13. Since then, she has been working hard to maintain her repute. Zineb, apart from being elegant and beautiful, has a huge fan following. She is an actress and TV personality (most prominently for her work on Tunisian Nessma TV), and has worked as fashion model also.

Zineb Obeid

2. El Bekri Loubna

El Bekri Boubna’s allure is uncanny, her beauty is captivating, and she is definitely a lady to die for. This actress, radio person, and TV celeb has been successful. She is also a gorgeous occasional fashion model. She began career at very young age of 17, and since then El Bekri has given the fans with lots of hit television shows.

El Bekri Loubna

1. Amina Allam

With her gorgeous smile, bewitching body, and wizardly spell, Amina Allam is an adorable fashion model of Morocco. She is one of the highest paid and richest females who has made elegant appearance on covers of big magazines, and has walked on ramp of famous brands.

Amina Allam

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