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Top 10 Most Beautiful Slovakian Women 2016

Slovakian women are very intelligent, hot and attractive. They are known for their tall, slender and in a good shape. It is said that Slovakian females do not use lot of makeup and are naturally charming. Here we have given the list of top 10 most beautiful Slovakian women 2016.

Most Beautiful Slovakian Women

10. Kristína Krajčírová

Kristína Krajčírová (born 1992, Bratislava) was crowned the title of Miss Slovakia 2012. She is an adorable and charming Slovakian female. She basically works as a model and remains very busy in her fashion shows as well as ad campaigns.

Kristína Krajčírová

9. Gabriela Marcinková

Gabriela (born 2 April 1988, is a well versed Slovakian actress. She has been a lady with nice curves, and appeared in several top notch movies throughout her career.

Gabriela Marcinková

8. Kyla Cole (real name Martina Jacová)

Kyla Cole’s original name is Martina. She was born on November 10, 1978. She is a Slovakian supermodel, actress, and TV host. Kyla has been a part of many soaps which are aired both on national and international channels.

Kyla Cole

7. Katarina Van Derham

Katarina (born 11 December 1977) is a hot and one of most beautiful Slovakian models. She is a graceful lady, having wonderful figure and talent that simply has no match.

Katarina Van Derham

6. Michaela Kocianova

Michaela Kocianova (29 December 1988) is a Slovakian supermodel. With height of 178cm, Michaela looks nice, charming and attractive. She has huge fan following.

Michaela Kocianova

5. Martina Valkova

Martina Valkova (born 31 October 1975) is a Slovakian model and television actress, who has been a part of many big series. She has worked as a model for brands which top the lists of the world.

Martina Valkova

4. Adriana Cernanova

Adriana Cernanova (born 1989) is another Slovakian model cum television celebrity. She has given us countless hit series and is a young and energetic diva.

Adriana Cernanova

3. Adriana Sklenaříková

Here is another Adriana, a beauty with brain. She (born 17 September 1971, Brezno) is a Slovakian supermodel and actress. Her height is 185 cm.

Adriana Sklenaříková

2. Zuzana Gregorová

Zuzana (born 14 August 1989) is a graceful, beautiful, and talented Slovakian model. She is a charming woman who has walked the ramp of many fashion designers.

Zuzana Gregorová

1. Barbora Lucivjanska

Barbora (born 1992) is a Slovakian model. She is the finalist of “Miss Slovakia 2013”, has won the title of “Miss Sympathy” and “Miss Internet”.

Barbora Lucivjanska

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