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Top 10 Most Beautiful Yemeni Women in 2015

The people of Yemen have been titled as the ‘Nicest people on the planet’. They not only have good looks but also great and friendly personalities. Their dedication has no alternative in this world. Today, we are showcasing the list of top 10 most beautiful Yemeni women in 2015.

Most Beautiful Yemeni Women

10. Manel Filali

Manel Filali was born on December 11, 1981. Her place of birth is Algeria. She is a bold and beautiful singer, and model. Her father is half Algerian and Yemeni which is why Manel is widely known as a Yemeni beauty.

Manel Filali

9. Sharon Cohen

Sharon Cohen was born on February 2, 1972. Her place of birth is Tel Aviv, Israel. She is a wonderful pop singer with parents from Yemen. Sharon is a world renowned female of the era.

Sharon Cohen

8. Inbar Bakal

Inbar Bakal is a hot and incredible Yemeni female. She was originally born in Israel. She is a singer, songwriter, and television presenter. Inbar has done modeling for a number of brands.

Inbar Bakal

7. Noa (Achinoam Nini)

Noa’s original name is Achinoam Nini. She was born on June 23, 1969. She is another top notch singer, model, and actress, born in Israel with parents from Yemen. Noa is a very talented and graceful lady.

Noa (Achinoam Nini)

6. Iman Salem Ba’amiran

Iman Salem Ba’amiran was born on July 27, 1976. Her place of birth is Kuwait. She is a magnificent Yemeni singer and television. Iman is famous as a top notch dancer.

Iman Salem Ba'amiran

5. Balqees Ahmed Fathi

Balqees Ahmed Fathi was born on October 20, 1988. Her place of birth is Yemen. She is a professional singer who acquired Emirati nationality. Balqees is world famous due to her remarkable singles.

Balqees Ahmed Fathi

4. Rana Alhaddad

Rana Alhaddad is another wonderful and one of the nicest performing Yemen beauties. She is a singer and model by profession. Rana is a beautiful and highly attractive lady with global fan following.

Rana Alhaddad

3. Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan is of Lebanese and Yemen descent. She is declared as a gorgeous dancer, model, and actress. She starred in the 2006 dance drama Step Up alongside her now-husband Channing Tatum. Jenna is a graceful lady.

Jenna Dewan

2. May Hariri

May Hariri is a hot and sexy Lebanese-Yemeni singer and actress. She owns smoky eyes and blond body. May Hariri launched her musical career in 2004, with the release of the hit single “Ha Sahhar Ouyounou”. She is famous the world over.

May Hariri

1. Nadine Njeim

Miss Lebanon 2007, Nadine Njeim has parents from Yemen. She is one of the best pageant beauties. Nadine has worked as a model with so many fashion brands and designers. She is truly a beauty to die for.

Nadine Njeim

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