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Top 10 Most Bizarre Dishes Ever

In multiple ways, the modern era has been irritating. From the so-called well developed civilization to the delightful cuisines, some of the things prove to be highly disgusting. Check this list of top 10 most bizarre dishes ever made.

Most Bizarre Dishes Ever

10. Iris Bulbs in Vinegar

This dish is not meat-based, but is truly bizarre. It has come from the ancient Greece culture. The iris is a plant that is used in medicines. Apply some vinegar to iris bulbs and cook till it turns to red, including peacock eggs. The dish is cooked in olive oil.

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Iris Bulbs in Vinegar

9. Sweetbreads

The Sweetbreads is one of the most bizarre dishes ever. It is a blend of sugar and meat. The dish is too confusing. It is added with animal pancreas, tubes and other body parts. The dish used to be a favorite of people of 16th century.


8. Spam Dish

The Spam dish is what you should not even think of. It was created in 1937, a few years before the outbreak of World War. The problem with this dish is its miserable ingredients. It has “bits of animal”, and several herbs that are only used to prepare Chinese medicines.

Spam Dish

7. Jello Salad

The Jello Salad is one of the most bizarre dishes ever. If you love salads, don’t ever think of giving a try to this weird salad. It was first created in the 1960s, and includes a range of flavors. This shouldn’t be a part of your dining table. Okay…?

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Jello Salad

6. Mock Turtle Soup

This dish has much ickiness. The mock turtle soup should never ever be given a try to. This Chinese delicacy is made with the innards of an aquatic animal you would never like to even take a glimpse of. The dish seems to be adventurous, nothing mouth-watering at all.

Mock Turtle Soup

5. Suckling Pig

There’s much head-eating in this disgusting dish. It has been a French medieval dish of Pourcelet farci, or Stuffed Suckling Pig. The dish has the whole pig cooked in peppers and salt. From ears to tail, you would find everything of the pig in this dish.

Suckling Pig

4. Rat Stew

The rat stew is one of the most bizarre dishes ever made. This used to be a favorite of 17th century. In those days, the shipmen caught some rats to satisfy their hunger and made their meal. The dish is included with rat meat.

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Rat Stew

3. Roast Tongue

Let’s not mess about – there is nothing fruitful for you in this dish. It has a roast tongue of either a cow or a buffalo. I don’t think anyone would like to give a try to this authentic Mexican dish. Am I right?

Roast Tongue

2. Blancmange

A dessert still made today, the Blancmange is one of the most disgusting dishes ever. It is made with the milk and sugar of the modern version, but is added with chicken. The way it is cooked is truly weird, making it a dish not-to-try-ever.


1. Colonial Squirrel Pie

The colonial squirrel pie is still served in some of American restaurants. I don’t think anyone would love to eat squirrels. Am I right? This dish has full squirrel, cut into small pieces, and added with several traditional spices. The exact recipe for Colonial Squirrel Pie is lost in times.

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Colonial Squirrel Pie

Did you try any of these dishes before?