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Top 10 Most Bizarre Habits of the Super Rich and Famous

Having money doesn’t mean you are free to go rude and show bad behavior with others. Most of the times, the famous celebrities lose their temper over the media and start saying poor words, which is not per their high profiles. Maybe some wealthy celebs don’t understand that what they are now is all because of media and audience. Here is the list of top 10 most bizarre habits of the super rich and famous.

Most Bizarre Habits of the Super Rich and Famous

10. Demi Moore – Leech Bath

Demi Moore has been famous for her handsome exes such as Bruce Willis and Ashton Kuchter. Due to the much work pressure, this Hollywood actress is habitual of using leeches to suck her blood. She says that the leeches remove impurities and toxins from her body, giving her complete relaxation. Demi is a popular filmmaker, and former songwriter. She once shaved her head for the movie G.I. Jane.

Demi Moore

9. Sandra Bullock – Uses Hemorrhoid Cream on Her Face

Sandra Bullock is one of the greatest Hollywood actresses of all time. In her 40s, this lady has managed to look youthful and gorgeous. This is all because of her bizarre beauty secrets. She rubs hemorrhoid cream on her face for getting rid of aging marks and redness. I think that The Blind Side actress should choose another beauty treatment.

Sandra Bullock

8. Cameron Diaz – Opens Doors With Elbows

Cameron Diaz has long suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder. She is very conscious to get germs on her hands if she uses them to open the doors. Because of this reason, the lady uses her elbows to open the door. Cameron married to Benji Madden.

Cameron Diaz

7. Teri Hatcher – Bathing in Red Wine

Teri Hatcher is famous for her performance in Desperate Housewives, and several others. She is a timeless beauty who has a weird habit. She takes baths in red wine. Teri says that doing this gives her so much freshness as the red wines are great antioxidants to give her skin adorable and amazing look.

Teri Hatcher

6. Jonathan Franzen – Works with a Blindfold

Famed author Jonathan Franzen is habitual of wearing a blindfold which is purposed to help him concentrate while penning his creative masterpieces. He once stated that due to this blindfold he was able to give a new start to his career, and has improved his skills a lot.

Jonathan Franzen

5. Simon Cowell – Climbs a Tree Everyday

Simon Cowell is the man famous as the villain of American Idol and the creator of successful TV talent competitions. He also has a bizarre habit of climbing a tree everyday for fitness purposes. He claims that doing this makes him feel like a little active child, and he loves that feeling.

Simon Cowell

4. Bill Gates – Drinks Poo Water

Bill Gates drinks poop water. The man who founded Microsoft doesn’t exactly drink water directly from the toilet. He has some persons who collect waste water for him, making it safe to drink. Well, I think this is the dirtiest habit of any celeb. What do you think?

Bill Gates

3. Lady Gaga – Unconventional Habits

One look at Lady Gaga’s red carpet outfits makes us feel that she spends more than enough money on them. It is not strange to know that Lady Gaga ha some weird and unconventional habits, one of them is eating un-boiled eggs. Lady Gaga’s hits ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Poker Face’ are still tuned the world over.

Lady Gaga

2. Angelina Jolie – Eats Bugs

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful and adorable ladies of Hollywood. She is habitual of eating bugs. Yes, you heard it right. She had officially claimed that during her Cambodia shoot for Louis Vuitton, she and her kids used to enjoy snacks of insects. During a tour of Asia, Angelina insisted to be served with crickets.

Angelina Jolie

1. Jessica Simpson – Chews Nicotine Gum

Jessica Simpson enjoyed lucrative music career before becoming a fashion designer. She is one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. This diva chews nicotine gum every day. She told to media that doing this on a regular basis gives her lots of satisfaction. Simpson also has two kids with her ex-NFL husband, who have developed the same bizarre habit.

Jessica Simpson

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