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Top 10 Most Bizarre Habits You Should Avoid Doing in Public

Take a look at the top most bizarre habits you should avoid doing in public. These are certainly some of the things you perform daily, but doing them in privacy has to be made sure because before the people these aren’t going to leave a good impression.

Most Bizarre Habits You Should Avoid Doing in Public

10. Talking loudly in public transportation

How do you feel when someone talks loudly in public transportation? Certainly this is not a good habit. Try to speak softly and don’t use bad words while you are traveling with a friend or life partner. Don’t try to grab the attention of others with your loud talks, because no one is interested to know what you are talking about.

Talking loudly in public transportation

9. Taking more space than necessary

Another habit you that you might be guilty of is to sit in public, taking more than enough space. It is our moral duty to leave the space for others, especially the elders. This can make you feel sad if you don’t like sitting sandwiched between strangers. There is an option to book a separate seat in such a situation.

Taking more space than necessary

8. Making lot of noises while you eat

People often make noise while chewing their food or opening the mouth. This habit can make you feel ashamed. People who have witnessed your grand display of chewed food spurting out your mouth may complain so it is needless to say that you should avoid this type of bizarre habit.

Making lot of noises while you eat

7. Mind what you say

Mind what you say. Yes, I really mean it. The conversations full of phrases such as ‘like’, ‘you know’, ‘but’, ‘actually’ aren’t fair enough. We should be conscious about what we talk in public. Saying something rude or the use of bad words can make you suffer. So be very careful in this regard.

Mind what you say

6. Mind your language

Are you habitual of using slangs a lot? When often go out of limits while traveling with friends in a bus. You are needed to mind your language. Not only your group of individuals should speak politely but also use good words. Minding your language is what you should not forget.

Mind your language

5. Trimming or filing nails in public

This is gross, still people often do it. Without any excuse, you should avoid trimming or filling nails in public. Sit quietly in a bus, and don’t make others know about this dirty habit.

Trimming or filing nails in public

4. Cracking knuckles

To shame we should admit that cracking knuckles isn’t a good habit. Doing it in public is highly annoying. One of my friends told that he is really habitual of cracking knuckles twice every hour even when he is in his classroom or the bus.

Cracking knuckles

3. Blowing your gum

Chewing gum or blowing gum is a bad idea when it comes to sit in a bus, cinema, or at another public point. You should avoid blowing gum. If you cannot live without your gum it is okay to chew it at public places like workplace, school, bus, restaurant etc.

Blowing your gum

2. Biting nails

It is an intolerable habit we often cannot live without. Biting the nails not only makes you look bad before others, but also disturbs your stomach. It adds harmful bacteria and dirt in your digestive system, leading to cause numerous complications.

Biting nails

1. Texting while walking/driving/taking to someone

It is not needed to say that texting while walking, driving, and taking to someone is not good. Usually the youngsters do it, without even caring what others will think. We should use our mobile phone only when there is no one around to make us feel ashamed.

Texting while walking

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