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Top 10 Most Disturbing Art Pieces That can Challenge Your Sanity

There are countless art-pieces, portraits, and peaceful still lives the world over. Some of the paintings and artworks captivate the attention of audience for being unique and highly impressive, while others are totally weird and disturbing. Check this list of top 10 most disturbing art pieces that can challenge your sanity.

10. Guernica

It is one of the famous works of Pablo Picasso. This has highlighted the tragedies of wars and the people suffering during those days. The innocent civilizations are shown here, which is why this is a perpetual reminder of the atrociousness of war, and is totally disturbing.

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Most Disturbing Art Pieces

9. Diomedes Being Eaten by His Horses

Diomedes Being Eaten by His Horses is a watercolor painting by French symbolist painter Gustave Moreau. It has highlighted the climax of 8th labor of Hercules, who was given the orders of capturing the four flesh-eating horses that belong to King Diomedes. Hercules took the life of the kind during the war and fed his body to those horses—what a bad idea.

Most Disturbing Art Pieces

8. Deterioration of Mind over Matter

This 1973 painting by Austrian author Otto Rapp has depicted the decomposition of human skull on a devilish birdcage. The overall concept is unknown, however, this art piece is totally weird and ill-looking.

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Most Disturbing Art Pieces

7. Untitled Painting

The Untitled Painting is an oily painting by Polish author Zdislaw Beksinski. This was painted in 1984 during the times when Beksinski´s main subject was utopian realism. The art piece doesn’t look nice at all.

Most Disturbing Art Pieces

6. Big Electric Chair

Painted in 1967 by America’s Andy Warhole, this painting has been a series of electric chairs. The focus of the painter was on the break themes like death, disaster, suicide, and car crashes.

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Most Disturbing Art Pieces

5. Hell

The Hell is another weird looking art piece. This painting belongs to Germany’s Hans Memling and it was painted in 1485. This is one of the scariest works ever seen. It depicts the use of force to make the people feel scared. The terrifying outrageous scene has the banner with the text “In hell there is no redemption”.

Most Disturbing Art Pieces

4. The Water Ghost

The Water Ghost is by the artist Alfred Kubin. This is a representation of notes of darkness, and symbolic fantasies. The painting has nothing to do with real life, but it is truly very scary.

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Most Disturbing Art Pieces

3. Dante and Virgil in Hell

Dante and Virgil in Hell by W. A. Bouguereau has been an inspiration by the short scene of Dante’s Inferno where Dante, accompanied by Virgil, is watching a fight of two damned souls.

Most Disturbing Art Pieces

2. A Negro Hung Alive

This is yet another extremely weird art piece ever. It is painted by William Blake. This is showing a slave suspended to a gallows with the help of a hook through his ribs. What a bad impression it is. To be honest, the painting has nothing to witness but I appreciate the creativity.

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Most Disturbing Art Pieces

1. Necronom IV

It is a highly frightening painting by artist Hans Rudolf Giger. This has been an inspiration of the Alien movie. Giger is showing suffering from the terror of night and his paintings have always inspired us and given us many shocks.

Most Disturbing Art Pieces

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