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Top 10 Most Expensive Android Apps in 2015

In the past few years, smartphones have literally given a new edge to the world of technology. A lot of applications have now been developed, making our work easier. Some of the apps are free of cost, while others are expensive. Here we have shared the list of top 10 most expensive Android apps in 2015.

Most Expensive Android Apps

10. Deduce – Grandmaster Edition (USD55)

Deduce is a game application for Android users. It is in high demand these days. The application has option of only 8 moves per game and allows you to enjoy a lot of features. This can be have from Google play store.

Deduce – Grandmaster Edition

9. The Abu Moo collection (USD78)

The Abu Moo collection has a series of applications, developed by Abu Moo, including Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. The cost is averagely USD78 and even more.

The Abu Moo collection

8. Mobile Accessibility US (USD99.99)

This application costs around USD100. It is a simple to use yet wonderful app for Android lovers. Having suite of 10 available applications (Phone, SMS, Contacts, Calendar, Email, Alarm, Where am I, Web, Apps and Settings) this is an enjoyable app.

Mobile Accessibility

7. 5-Minute Sports Medicine (USD99.99)

The 5-Minute Sports Medicine Consult (5MSMC) is an application offered by Unbound Medicine, Inc. It provides updates and quick advices about medical-related issues. It is available in multiple languages, and costs around USD99, and even more on online app stores.

5-Minute Sports Medicine

6. I’m Rich!! (White Diamond)(USD130)

I’m Rich (White Diamond) is one of the most expensive Android applications to date. It costs you USD130, and has widget of white diamond on the desktop of smartphone, allowing the person to see lot of money to spend. The app has many features to enjoy with.


5. MBE Preparation – e-Bar Review (USD199)

One of the leading applications on android operating system is MBE Preparation. The Multistate Bar Examination comes with a replicated, 200-question test that is basically a Practice Exam Mode, a flashcard Q&A Mode, and has over 1000 questions. Its cost is USD199.

MBE Preparation – e-Bar Review

4. Super Color Runner (USD200)

Offered by Race to the Moon Super Color Runner is a game app for the people. This has four colored paths to run while you enjoy playing different games. Collect pellets and charged batteries is the way of staying alive and active till the end. The app costs USD200.

Super Color Runner

3. Peek (USD200)

Peek is an exclusive personalization app developed by Francisco Franco. It lets you make your smartphone customized with the help of numerous options that are there to amaze you. The app has reverse gestures, screen wake up, detection type and polling time and many other features. Its cost is USD200 from Francisco while you can buy in only USD1.94 from new developer’s account.


2. Most Expensive App (USD200)

The Big Byte Libraries & Demo developed Most Expensive App is another expensive application. This has lots of features to make your app experience unforgettable. This is worth your money. Spend around two hundred dollars to enjoy this luxurious Android app.

Most Expensive App

1. Got Cash (USD200)

Got Cash is another exclusive application at Google Play Store. For many, it may be waste of money, but it is actually worth my money. The app has value of USD200, and can be purchased from any online app store, especially the Android store.

Got Cash

Which app you like the most?