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Top 10 Most Expensive Software in 2015

With the passage of time, software have become a must part of our tech-oriented lives. We cannot deny the so many benefits some of world’s costly software are providing us. These are developed and marketed by professional hands. Newer versions keep on arriving upon the successful sales of previous ones. Today, we have focused on the top 10 most expensive software in 2015.

Most Expensive Software

10. VxWorks, Cost: USD199,000

VxWorks is real-time operating software, written in C, C++ and Java. Some of its fabulous specifications are fast interrupts (thus real time) and multitasking kernel. It has a modular and easy error handling framework. The software is usable in defense, automotive, aerospace, industries and electronics.


9. New World System Public Administration, Cost: USD500,000

It is a costly software used for Public Administration for various governments. It makes your calculation-related works easier. The trend of using such a software has become common with the passage of time. Its price doesn’t fit the pocket of many of us. Am I right?

New World System Public Administration

8. Unreal Engine, Cost: USD750,000

Unreal Engine is a game engine developed by Epic Games. This software, according to official sources, has cutting edge graphics, and can be used in all sorts of consoles from mobiles to computers. It is developed for C++ games. The cost is pretty much justified for game developing companies.

Unreal Engine

7. CryEngine 3, Cost: USD1.2 million

The CryEngine 3 costs around USD1.2 million. The features might be great but certainly half priced solutions are also available. It is mainly a game engine, for Xbox, Play station and PC. It has been developed by German developer Crytek. The software comes free for non-commercial users.

CryEngine 3

6. Inventor Pro, Cost: USD7,295

The Inventor Pro cost USD7,295 which is not a big deal for those who are ready to spend thousands of dollars on animation-related software. It helps you simulate, assemble, animate, and document various things related to architecture and mechanical engineering.

Inventor Pro

5. Adobe Font Folio 11.1, Cost: USD9000

For web creators and publishers, Adobe Font Folio 11.1 is not less than a blessing. This software has over 2,400 fonts. It is available in different packs such as for 20 or 5 computers. It is known to provide you a lot of facilities for any typographic task.

Adobe Font Folio 11.1

4. Adobe Acrobat Capture, Cost: USD20,000

The Adobe Acrobat Capture is a formidable tool for managing documents. It is able to convert large amount of scanned documents into PDFs. This is known to give high quality and reliable results. The cost of the software is USD20,000.

Adobe Acrobat Capture

3. Core Impact Professional, Cost: USD40,000

The Core Impact Pro is something innovative for those who love watches. This software keeps a check on the security vulnerabilities of an organization. It is featured with tests to see the risk areas like wireless networks, security passwords, mobile devices and open ends. The price has been justified with its high penetration power.

Core Impact Professional

2. Soft Image Face Robot, Cost: USD95,000

The Soft Image Face Robot is computer graphics software. It has aimed to help the animators do a lot of things. You can create realistic animation for games and movies using this USD95,000 worth software. It is being given preference by big production companies of Hollywood and other huge industries worldwide.

Soft Image Face Robot

1. Image Solutions Doc Composer, Cost: USD122,000

The Doc Composer by Image Solutions is useful software, costing USD122,000. It comes in three categories: Editing and Management, Creation and Conversion, and Searching and Indexing. Every name suggests the usage. In a couple of seconds, you can index pages and create digital libraries. Convert your filed into readable PDFs. It is an efficient software.

Image Solutions Doc Composer

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