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Top 10 Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands 2015

Jewelry is one of the mandatory items for us. The females feel themselves to be incomplete without wearing some nice jewelry. It adds an extra dazzle to an outfit whether it has been worn in the form of bracelet, earrings, cufflinks, or a wristwatch. Here are the top 10 most luxurious jewelry brands 2015.

10. Bvlgari

Bvlgari was established in 1884. This is one of the most famous and ancient jewelry brands, based in Rome. It has been known for its traditional styles and innovative designs of jewelry. Some of Bvlgari’s hallmarks are bold shapes, large pieces, cabochon stones, and fruity motifs. The company makes use of exceptional gems and mostly 18 karat gold for its discerning clients.

Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands

9. Piaget

George Piaget founded this luxurious jewelry brand. It is a Swiss company known for its high quality watches and fashion jewelry. This brand has the repute to make many glamorous designs and styles for Hollywood celebrities. Piaget is famous for its modern and sleek combinations of angular jewelry items.

Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands

8. Chopard

Luxury Swiss watch maker and jeweler, Chopard needs no introduction. This brand makes everyday pieces with great innovation. It uses genuine gemstones and thick layers of 18 karat gold. It is also famous for its précised watches for men and women. The design and styles of this company’s products are always elegant and top notch.

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Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands

7. Mikimoto

Kokichi Mikimoto began this brand back in 1893 in Japan. The brand has invented cultured pearls and precious stones so far. All the pieces of the Mikimoto line are singular. The jewelry of this brand is characterized to be unique, classic, and highly innovative. It can be worn on day and evening times. The house has also presented elegant statement pieces, such as the Empress Necklace shown above.

Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands

6. Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef and Arpels collaborated to establish their own jewelry brand. It is based in France, and is known for its elegant jewelry items. Many of this company’s jewelry precuts are unique, and narrative. Van Cleef’s jewelry is great for wedding ceremonies and is worn by the females with pride. This house even has presented a lot of quality watches in different styles from simple to ornate. Its most luxurious dials have gem-inlaid scenes and motifs.

Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands

5. Cartier

Cartier began its journey in 1860. Since then this brand has been known for its elegant and top quality jewelry items. It is famous among celebrities, and fashion models. The signature items of this brand are diamonds, onyx and emerald bracelets. It also has presented a range of fine stones and precious metals. Cartier watches are also renowned for their expert craftsmanship and innovative designs.

Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands

4. Harry Winston

Harry Winston’s classic and elegant diamond jewelry has absolutely no alternate. This company was founded in 1932. It has repute to present finest quality and rarest stones for the global customers. Every piece is put together with master craftsmanship and the company guarantees durability of its products.

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Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands

3. Graff

Graff is known for top quality jewelry and watches. This brand is one of the most dominating jewelry makers to date. This company was founded by Laurence Graff. Its diamonds and gold products are famous for being unique and awesome. It has so far launched a number of men’s watches.

Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands

2. Tiffany

Tiffany is a top luxury brand. It deals in durable jewelry that is perfect for all occasions. Quality is always guaranteed by Tiffany. Its stones and diamonds are always précised and flawless. This brand has been selling classics ever since the founding in 1837. It also manufactures statement jewelry for elite clients.

Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands

1. Buccellati

Buccellati is at the top of our list. This company is especially famous for its Roman-style jewelry. Its cuff bracelets and mattifying metals are famous for being elegant and gorgeous. The company’s jewelry items are rich in texture and comes with appealing combinations and styles.

Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands