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Top 10 Most Popular Fictional Sports

Everyone gets bored of watching the same kinds of sports on television over and over. Isn’t it? Well, the purpose of the sports is to provide us entertainment and non-stop fun. Here is given the list of top 10 most popular fictional sports.

Most Popular Fictional Sports

10. Anbo-Jytsu

The Anbo-Jytsu has always been a game with great rulebook and well-documented history. This was invented in 2168 by a blind gymnast on Alpha Centauri. It needs “kinesthetics, balance, and great sense of humor. It involves special movements including Anbo Chohr, where a fighter listens to the competitor’s breathing before he attacks.

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9. Calvinball

The Calvinball is one of the most popular fictional sports. It involves hitting shuttlecocks against a tree with croquet mallets, or enjoying the play with bowling balls. The game even has the official Calvinball song with the lyrics “Calvinball is better by far!/ It’s never the same! It’s always bizarre!”.


8. Pyramid

The Pyramid would bring you to the amazing sci-fi world. It has variations of basketball. The game is played on a pyramid-shaped court. Its aim is to make goals with the cantaloupe-sized ball into a basket on the top of the pyramid. The players have to be more attentive while playing this game.


7. Hadaul

The Hadaul is an enticing-sounding game from a sci-fi novel – The Face by Jack Vance. It involves the contestants who are to throw each other away from the big prize, which can be either cash or some expensive product. The rules of this game are simple. It is one of the most popular fictional sports.

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6. Blernsball

This is another superb sci-fi sport. It involves great animations. The game is one of the best of 31st century. It is somewhat similar to basketball. The game is played in multi-player mode. It involves different teams that try to reach Atlanta that is said to be an underwater city of 31st century.


5. Podracing

The Podracing is one of the most popular fictional sports. It involves motions similar to Formula One, but in one-person airborne craft that could reach to 900km/h. This fictional sport consists of reaching the Outer Rim of the galaxy, like Tatooine which is a desert and home to Skywalker families.


4. Quidditch

This broomstick ball game of the Harry Potter books has become famous and widely known among the people. It has chasers, who try and get the quaffle through the hoops. There are some keepers who are to stop them from doing so. Have you played this game before?

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3. Pro-Thunderball

The Pro-Thunderball is another great and top notch fictional sport. It was invented during the baseball strike of 1994. The sport is known for its whole new rules and regulations. It involves two extra balls. The game was the subject of an episode in UCB’s series.


2. Electro-Magnetic Golf

Brave New World is a 1932 novel written by Aldous Huxley. In it, there is an imagination given about a totally different London. This game has somewhat similar theme. In this game, you are free to assume that the golf balls are guided into the whole using magnets.

Electro-Magnetic Golf

1. Squizzle

The Squizzle is one of the most popular fictional sports. It has been an inspiration of a British television show. It is played by the characters of Tree Fu Tom, a cartoon of the world of Treetopolis. The game involves so many adventure and entertainment that you would really get excited.

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