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Top 10 Most Popular Makeup Trends in 2015

Makeup is the necessity of females nowadays. We cannot deny the fact that the cosmetic industry has greatly revolutionized the ways we look beautiful. For the girls, their beauty and charm matters a lot. There are a lot of makeup trends they love to become a part of. A female always needs perfect makeup items to be adorned in order to look classic and trendy. Here we have shared the list of top 10 most popular makeup trends in 2015.

Most Popular Makeup Trends

10. Metallic Eyeshades

Metallic eyes are much in trend these days. You can certainly add great edge to your eye makeup with the metallic eyeshades. This is a perfect choice for bridal and party makeup. The most suitable colors are golden and silver. Light up your party with metallic lids and enjoy being attractive.

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Metallic Eyeshades

9. Cat Eyeliners

The use of cat eyeliners is one of the most popular makeup trends. With the help of such a liner, the females can give their eyes appealing look. You can go for both thick and thin cat eyeliners, depending upon your desires. The thick cat eyeliners, however, give more sparkle to your eyes, making them fresh looking.

Cat Eyeliners

8. Black Eyes

Black eyes can be have by using black eye shades. This never goes out of trend because black eyes always catch the attention of everyone. You can use black eyeshades, and black eyeliners to make it possible. For a dramatic and magnetic look, thicker black eyes would work the best.

Black Eyes

7. Sunset Eyes

Sunset eyes look extremely sparkling and bright. The females can use colorful eyeshades to look appealing. Choose the shade of the eye makeup as per your dress color. Sunset eye makeup is purposed to give you a stylish and glamorous look. It is one of the most popular makeup trends of the current era. In this makeup, the eyes are colored with three to four different shades.

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Sunset Eyes

6. Smoky Eye Makeup

Smoky eyes have always looks marvelous and trendy. Every lady can go with this kind of makeup to look trendy and top notch. It is best for night functions, wedding ceremonies, and big concerts. The smoky eyes always look fascinating. Distinct colors with moderately fluctuating shades are widely loved for this purpose. These include shades like silver, grey, black, and other dark ones.

Smoky Eye Makeup

5. Multicolor Blush

Multicolor blushes can be used as it is one of the most popular makeup trends of the year. This is an exclusive way to look prettier than ever. These blushes are designed to enhance your overall beauty. This gives the cheeks dazzling look.

Multicolor Blush

4. Bright Colored Lipsticks

Now comes the turn of bright colored lipsticks such as purple, red, brown, and others. Use any of these sensational colors to make yourself look like a princess. There are various lipstick shades but the dark and bright colored lipsticks never go out of trend and are highly endorsed.

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Bright Colored Lipsticks

3. Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is very much similar to cat eyeliner but it is used mostly by the teenage girls and fashion models. This is a sizzling way to give your eyes an unmatched and glorious look. You cannot try this at home because it is a tricky makeup and can only be done by makeup experts.

Winged Eyeliner

2. Bright Eyes

Every female loves to have bright and attractive eyes. The best way to make it possible is by having bright and dazzling shades. These give your eyes an outstanding and impressive look. there are various brands that provide with bright eyeshades. These are purposed to make your eyes voguish.

Bright Eyes

1. Glittering Eyes

At the top of our list of most popular makeup trends comes the turn of glittering eyes. The glittering makeup is the perfect way to become impressive and extraordinary. You can choose the eyeshades as per your dress. The most suitable makeup shades are aqua green and silver.

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Glittering Eyes

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