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Top 10 Most Popular Pakistani Drama Series

Pakistan is a country with lots of issues. Sometimes the people here suffer from shortage of fuel, being banned on the road, or even strikes take place almost every day. Apart from all this, the television industry of Pakistan has been well established. Great drama series are aired from different channels. Take a look at the list of top 10 most popular Pakistani drama series.

Most Popular Pakistani Drama Series

Here are the top 10 most popular Pakistani drama series:

10. Bhool (Hum TV)

Directed by Asad Malik and written by Syed Wasi Shah, the story of Bhool is a perfect mix of love, politics, and family. This drama was aired on Hum TV and has been very successful.


9. Izteraab (Hum TV)

Saba Qamar is a great tv artist. She was a part of Izteraab, a drama serial of Hum TV. The show discussed about issues created by second marriage in our societies. Saba’s performance here was truly nice.


8. Mausam (Hum TV)

Mausam was a romantic drama serial having quite common yet wonderful story. This show was aired by Hum TV. It is a complicated love triangle, story of hate and jealousy.


7. Laa (Hum TV)

Written by Sermad Sehbai, this is a romantic and spiritual drama serial. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sadia Khan played the lead roles. The drama was aired on Hum TV. It has addresses social dilemma of males and females.


6. Ahista Ahista (Hum TV)

Adnan Siddique’s Ahista Ahista has been a wonderful show. It is produced by Momina Duraid who has won innumerable awards in the past. The drama portrayed common problems of human society, and maintained audience interest till the end.

Ahista Ahista

5. Bulbulay (ARY)

Bulbulay is a notable drama serial of ARY. It is a comedy drama with killer performance of stars. The drama was produced by Nabeel, who played the lead role of the show.


4. Bashar Momin (Geo TV)

Basher Momin is a popular tv serial of Geo TV. Bashar Momin is by far the most expensive Pakistani Drama or so as claimed by its producers. The story is of gender differences and some on-screen romances.

Bashar Momin

3. Pyaray Afzal (Hum TV)

This show was also aired on Hum TV. It has an extraordinarily special story. The dialogue delivery of Hamza Ali Abbassi added value to his impression in this Khalil ur Rehman written drama.

Pyaray Afzal

2. Babul Ki Duaen (ARY)

It is a complete family drama, aired by ARY. This is the story of a typical Pakistani family. A father with five daughters faces lots of problems in his life.

Babul Ki Duaen

1. Mere Meharban (Hum TV)

Mere Meharban was aired on Hum TV. It is all about status differences, and ups and downs of life. The show received average rating, but this never impacted its social media liking at all.

Mere Meharban

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