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Top 10 Most Popular TV Series 2016

It is always interesting to watch a television series when you get tired of the movies. This year, television has given us countless great series. Here are our picks for the top 10 most popular TV series 2016 (so far).

Most Popular TV Series

10. Empire

Network: Fox

To so many perks of this drama are what it has dominated the hearts of tv viewers. This is the story which is much better than an ordinary criminal procedural or dull three-camera sitcom. It is produced by Timbaland, and has topped many charts.


9. Louie

Network: FX

This tv series was aired by FX, and has been a creation of Louis C.K. If you’ve read anything about this show, you’ve seen it compared to French film, and it is all because of C.K. that you can get the chance of seeing something nice. The story of this drama is very amazing, attracting many eyes.


8. The Good Wife

Network: CBS

Coming off a stellar fifth season, The Good Wife is an accomplished tv drama and this is what we could realize from its 6th season. It follows the story of Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Will (Josh Charles). The onscreen chemistry of the two has been fabulous.

The Good Wife

7. Hannibal

Network: NBC

Hannibal’s third year has stood as the highest rated. This tv show was aired by NBC. It begins with Hannibal gallivanting through Europe. The story is quite simple, yet interesting to make you feel proud when you give it a try.


6. Broad City

Network: Comedy Central

For the last few years, Comedy Central has been constantly dominating. It has comedy duos: Key & Peele, Kroll and Daly, and now Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. The show is aired by Comedy Central, and has all the sparks to make you happy.

Broad City

5. The Last Man on Earth

Network: Fox

The last time Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Will Forte teamed up for a show, which was a brilliant effort. The Last Man on Earth is aired by Fox. Over a decade, Lord, Miller and Forte reunited on TV once again for another high-concept idea.

The Last Man on Earth

4. The Walking Dead

Network: AMC

The original Night of the Living Dead wasn’t just a zombie movie, its story was very nice. This show is aired on AMC, and is one of the most popular tv shows of this year. It is about the brutal inhabitants of Terminus, or survivors of the Alexandria Safe Zone, and is very interesting.

The Walking Dead

3. Justified

Network: FX

Justified is aired on FX. The show is excellent in a way that it has great star cast, as well as the story is quite attractive. The presence of Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, and Joelle Carter has made it a good piece of entertainment.


2. Orange is the New Black

Network: Netflix

No show is a watchable as Orange is the New Black. The third season took on the weighty topic of religion. It was aired on Netflix. The show has talked about why Norma (Annie Golden) never talks and how Bennett (Matt McGorry) selects himself for many years.

Orange is the New Black

1. Daredevil

Network: Netflix

Daredevil has represented the band that Marvel aficionados have been awaiting for some time. It is aired on Netflix. The show has colorful comedy, and has been an audience-pleasing blockbuster of the Marvel Studios. You would definitely love it.


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