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Top 10 Most Shocking Political Scandals of All Time

The people expect from the politicians that they would understand their feelings, providing all the facilities of life. How many times you had to accept a huge bribe stuffed into a brown envelope? How many times a politician had destroyed human rights? Outside the politics, there occur some scandals. Here we are going to talk about top 10 most shocking political scandals of all time.

Most Shocking Political Scandals of All Time

10. Ronald Reagan’s Arms Deal

As is well established, America doesn’t like negotiating with terrorists at any cost. Then why some Iranian terrorists are among your citizens? This gave rise to a political scandal in 1985. Iran was asked to buy weapons from America, but the arms’ sale was purposed to secure the release of the hostages, and for improving the relationship with hostile Lebanon. About fifteen hundred missiles were sent over to aid anti-Communist troops in Nicaragua. Ronald had left politics.

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Ronald Reagan’s Arms Deal

9. Tony Blair’s Dossier

Here is a political scandal of British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He had to invade Iraq while harboring weapons of mass destruction. During May, 2003 it emerged that the facts in the dossier had been “se*ed-up” for exaggerating the reason that UK needs to intervene in Iraq. This was unveiled by Andrew Gilligan of the BBC. This damaged Tony Blair’s reputation.

Tony Blair’s Dossier

8. Bill Clinton’s Physical Relations

In 1998, a harassment scandal involved Paula Jones. President Clinton was asked if he is in affair with Monica Lewinsky. He said that he had no physical relationship with the lady. Lewinsky had evidences for the story. Clinton was judged to have misled the Americans because he wasn’t an actor to hide the truth.

Bill Clinton’s Physical Relations

7. John Profumo’s Lover

A scandal is always enough to damage the repute of a politician. In 1962, the politician John Profumo, Secretary of State, and the Russian Captain Yevgeny Ivanov were liked with a call-girl Christine Keeler, who had affairs with both. Of course, it damaged their repute and they had to call it a quit.

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John Profumo’s Lover

6. Richard Nixon’s Cover-Up

It is one of the most shocking political scandals of all time. it is often called the Watergate Affair of 1972. The break-in at the Watergate Complex had been done with the permission of President Richard Nixon. For this, he had to face chargers while covering up the facts. This affected his political career.

Richard Nixon’s Cover-Up

5. Thomas Jefferson’s Illegitimate Children

It is the scandal of President Thomas Jefferson, who held office between 1801 and 1809 and was having romantic relationship with his slave, Sally Hemmings. Questions were raised about their affair. It was said that Sally was the product of mixed-race s*x scandal, and her father John Wayles used to be her supervisor. Martha died when Jefferson was just 38, and it is said that the affair started after that.

Thomas Jefferson’s Illegitimate Children

4. Sergei Magnitsky’s Death

Look up “Russian Political Scandals” on the internet and you would find a lot. The Russian politicians have always been beyond corruption. Here we are going to talk about the Magnitsky affair. Sergei Magnitsky was a tax auditor who was arrested for aiding tax evasion. There were evidences that he was beaten before his death. In December 2012, America passed the Magnitsky Act to further investigate the matter.

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Sergei Magnitsky’s Death

3. Nicolas Sarkozy’s Donations

It is one of the most shocking political scandals of all time. The former French President Nicolas Sarkozy knew the importance of campaign funds. She is one of the riched females in the world. She was accused for taking advantage of someone who was unable to make her own decisions. He may be in prison, sentenced to a lifetime.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s Donations

2. Woodrow Wilson’s Wife

We are now going to talk about the World War One-era President. His first wife Ellen Axson Wilson died in August 1914, and he married to Edith Bolling Galt Wilson in December 1915. There are rumors that Wilson had been cheating on Ellen during their marriage, followed by rumors that he had killed his wife with his girlfriend.

Woodrow Wilson’s Wife

1. Christian von Boetticher’s Girlfriend

It is about German politician Christian von Boetticher. The 40-year-old became a rising star in the Christian Democratic Union party when the news broke that he was involved with a 16-year-old. The affair was strictly legal. On Facebook von Boetticher had shared clips of his personal life.

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Christian von Boetticher’s Girlfriend

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