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Top 10 Most Useless Heroes in the DC Universe

There are some of the DC universe characters we love a lot. These include superman, batman, and wonder woman. These have been much talked about in comic books, novels, and seen on television many times. DC heroes have long been dominating the entertainment world. The children and adults, both love them due to their super-powers and great capabilities. Here is the list of top 10 most useless heroes in the DC Universe.

Most Useless Heroes in the DC Universe

10. Red Bee

Just like Batman, Richard Raleigh was much impressive from a weird creature for becoming a strike terror. Now he is stalking the streets of Superior City with his Stinger gun and bees. He is a wonderful hero and one of children’s favorite. The hero is obviously liked by us, but he was murdered by Baron Blitzkrieg.

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Red Bee

9. Vibe

The Vibe is one of the most useless heroes in the DC Universe. He was the leader of a street gang. He was much talked about after the Justice League. The powers and sounds of this hero are exceptional, but he is no more with us.


8. Doll-Man

The Doll-Man is a shrinking hero. It is a creation of Will Eisner that is one of the key figures of early comics. This hero has the powers of shrinking to six inches tall and retaining extra size and strength. He is a great hero but is no more shown by the DC Universe.


7. Matter Eater Lad

The Matter Eater Lad hailed from the planet Bismoll. This hero is said to be eating everything that comes to his way. He knows to wash nuclear waste and even digests lava. Stones, metals, diamonds, and everything, he is known to eat. This is may be the reason the hero disappeared from the movies and comics.

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Matter Eater Lad

6. Infect

The Infect is one of the members of the Legion. Her full name is Infectious Lass. She has come from the planet Somathur. She is known to spread diseases and infectious complications. Her original is super-villain, and she focuses to kill everyone. This is why, she wasn’t liked by the audience and vanished.


5. Brother Power the Geek

The Brother Power the Geek has been a notable real-world hero. He was a mannequin who was live due to lightning strikes. He used to fight for hippie rights against Nazi-esque conservatives. He has now been cancelled.

Brother Power the Geek

4. Black Condor

The Black Condor is what made Tarzan feel fear. Its other name is Richard Gray, and it is an adaptation of intelligent Mongolian condors who taught him the ways of flying with speed. He moved to USA where he had stolen an assassinated senator to fight bootleggers and crooked politicians. He is no more around.

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Black Condor

3. Gunfire

The Gunfire is one of the most useless heroes in the DC Universe. Ht was attacking the enemies with the help of bloodlines parasite. He was present in the Bloodline story, and always attempted to defeat the superheroes. He has disappeared.


2. Resurrection Man

The Resurrection Man has been powered by “tektites,” nanobots. Every time he loses his life, he is resurrected with more and more powers that prevent him from death. This hero has been removed from the DC Universe.

Resurrection Man

1. Comet the Superhorse

Comet the Superhorse is not a Kryptonian. He is a minotaur of ancient Greece times who became a full horse, having extra powers. He had joined Supergirl whom he loves a lot. The hero has been vanished from the DC Universe.

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Comet the Superhorse

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