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Top 10 Must Read Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account

There is no denying it. Facebook is the number one social networking site on the internet. Virtually every one in the world has an account. They use it to contact friends and family both near and far away. Most users upload photos and videos to share of their special family moments, play games, and more. It is used for businesses to promote their company. It is all inclusive; the total package in one website.

Secure Your Facebook Account

The people who use Facebook typically sign into it from several different devices, including cellphones, tablets, work computers, and of course their home computers. Facebook does the best that it can to protect you from hackers but it is up to you to sign out of it when you are in public areas as well as use other tools to ensure that your account stays safe. No one wants another to hack into their personal account. Use these top 10 tips to secure your Facebook account from strangers.

10. Create A Great Password

Very few people understand the value of a strong password. If you use a word followed by a number, someone can guess the word and number combination. Use a random, non-sequential series of numbers and letters to protect your account. They should be something that only you can figure out or remember.

9. Use the Code Generator on your Android Device

Upon installing Facebook on your device, Facebook will tell you how to install the code generator application. This gives you the option to generate new codes when you feel it is necessary.

8. Confirm Your Mobile

This will give you the option to share your number with Facebook friends and receive updates on your phone. It also ensures that you know what is going on with your account at all times whether it is a post that you have made or a message that someone has sent to you.

7. Avoid Spam Links

Facebook does the best that it can to prevent you from ever getting spammed. However, if you get a link that looks like spam, avoid clicking on it. If you do click a link that takes you off of Facebook, do not ever type in your Facebook user name or password on this new website. The only time you need to enter this information is when you are logging in at www.facebook.com.

6. Take Advantage of Secure Browsing

It is located in the account settings and offers you protection from other outside of Facebook to access your personal information. There are a lot of external applications on Facebook. If you use secure browsing you can protect your information from the external sources.

Secure Your Facebook Account

5. Log Out When You Are Done Using Facebook

This is the easiest way to prevent others from logging into your account. It will only take you a few seconds more of your time to do it. Simply log out of your account and unless you have an easy password to hack into, you should never have to worry that someone else will get onto your account.

4. Disconnect from Active Logins

If you do forget to log out of your Facebook account, you can go into the account settings where you will find an area that talks about active logins. This will tell you all the devices that you are currently logged in from. The most recent will be the one that you are on when you go there. End all the others with a click of the edit button.

3. Login Approval

From your account settings you can also say that you want to use login approval. This means if you sign in on a new device that Facebook does not recognize for your account you will have to do a security code. It may be slightly annoying for you but a great way to prevent hackers.

2. Enjoy Private Browsing on Your Web Browser

If you are using someone else’s computer take advantage of a web browser that does not track where you go while you are on it. In other words go incognito which most web browsers will allow. This way, you will be able to go to Facebook from their computer and even if you forget to log out, they will have no way of seeing where you went, even Facebook information that you used to login will be erased as soon as the window is closed out.

1. Change Your Password

Regularly changing your password will ensure that hackers will never truly be able to track you. You should consider updating your password every couple months to ensure that you are protected at all times. This also could be labeled, “Never Share Your Password” because if you feel that a friend or family member of yours could have found out your password, you should change it. This is not to say that they will log in and change your password, but if you want to be totally safe on Facebook, you have to take all necessary steps to help Facebook keep you safe.

The only way to truly prevent your account from being hacked is to use your own common sense about where you log in and where you save your log in information. If you combine that with using the security features that Facebook gives you to use, you should never have to worry about your account.