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Top 10 Natural Remedies To Make Your Stomach Stop Hurting

Stomach hurting can affect people of all ages, although the intensity of pain may vary depending on the cause such as poor digestion, diarrhea, gas, or food poisoning. If you experience from mild to moderate stomach pains, then the following natural remedies can help you overcome the problem and experience great relief. Please read and follow our top 10 natural remedies to make your stomach stop hurting.

Stop Stomach Hurting

Follow our top 10 natural remedies to make your stomach stop hurting as below:

10. Fermented Food

Eating femented foods such as yogurt and kombucha are great options when you experience stomach issues. Kombucha, for instance, contains essential ingredients and enzymes that aid in healing food-related issues that cause abdominal pains. Fermented vegetables and dairy are also ideal in keeping your stomach in better condition as quickly as possible.

Fermented Food - yogurt

9. Cayenne

Although some people may assume that consuming cayenne is rather counter-intuitive when you have stomach aches, the oral intake of capsaicin is indeed ideal in minimizing stomach discomfort and pains. In a study at the NYU, people with dyspepsia were asked to take 2.5 grams of red pepper powder on a daily basis for about 5 weeks. During the third week of treatment, individuals who took red pepper experienced great relief from bloating, nausea and pain while those who took placebo barely experienced any positive effects. The right formulation of cayenne in treating dyspepsia is about 0.5 to 1 gram thrice a day.


8. Fennel Seeds

Most Indian restaurants, which are famous for their spicy and tangy dishes, serve fennel seed mix to customers after supper. This type of seed is known to treat cramps, gas, indigestion and spasms in your intestinal tract. It also works as a carminative, so your body will be able to expel gas better. Based on researchers at NYU, the right dosage of fennel seeds is 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons per day.

Fennel Seeds

7. Gasless Beans

You may also consider cooking gasless beans to heal your stomach pains. In case you have thrown out the water used in soaking the beans, make sure you reduce their potential to cause gas by cooking them in fresh water. You may also try rinsing these beans well before cooking to further minimize gas.

Gasless Beans

6. Low-Fat Foods

An excellent way to reduce occurrences of stomach aches is by limiting your intake of fatty foods. Make it a point to consume more foods that are easier to digest including lean meat and whole grains. Moreover, avoid eating fried foods or those that are naturally high in fat, as these can trigger stomach upset.
Low-Fat Foods

5. Avoiding Certain Vegetable

Some vegetables are known to cause stomach upset and gas such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. Eating these vegetable are fine, as long as you do not eat too much of these to prevent stomach troubles.

Avoiding Certain Vegetable

4. Chamomile

Chamomile is effective in calming the muscles of your upper digestive tract. It has been proven to relax muscle contraction in areas responsible for the transportation of food through the small intestines and stomach. Hence, you can experience a reduction in the intensity of cramps and spasms that cause stomach distress. Drinking chamomile tea is indeed a brilliant natural home remedy for stomach aches because of the herb’s sedative and anti-inflammatory properties.

Chamomile tea

3. Ginger

The main component of ginger is gingerol, which is a potent antioxidant that decreases stomach discomfort and nausea. The herb has anti-inflammatory properties that enhance the production of digestive juices while neutralizing stomach acids. The best way to take ginger for your stomach pains is by seeping chopped and peeled ginger root in a cup of boiling water. You may also add maple syrup or honey to make the drink more palatable.


2. Probiotics

High-quality probiotics are great in combating stomach pains as they repopulate your gut with “good” bacteria. With the presence of these bacteria in your digestive tract, you will not only obtain a good treatment for stomach problems, but also in preventing candida.

Probiotic foods

1. Peppermint

Based on clinical research at the University of Maryland Medical Center, drinking peppermint tea helps soothe muscles that affect digestive gas while improving the proper flow of bile. Peppermint was also shown to treat IBS because of great improvements that it brings to abdominal pain, distention and flatulence. However, you should avoid using peppermint if indigestion symptoms are linked with gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Peppermint tea

These are the top 10 natural remedies remedies to make your stomach stop hurting. Consider taking them when you suffer from problems with your stomach, and make sure you consult your doctor in case symptoms worsen or persist.