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Top 10 Natural Ways to strengthen Your Hairs

It is quite natural for us to take care of our body and hairs. Both the men and women remain concerned about ho to keep them fit, active and smart. But the care of the hairs is equally important as the care of your health and different body parts. There are a lot of artificial and natural products which are effective for the hairs. But the following top 10 natural ways to strengthen your hairs are something easy and efficient to go with.

strengthen your hairs

10. Eat Green Vegetables:

It is true that green vegetables contain the nutrients which strengthen your hair follicles and roots. Try to eat fresh salads and green vegetables in excess so that your body and hairs, both remain healthy.


9. Eggs are good:

Eggs are a good source of proteins, this nutrient is helpful in nourishing the roots of the hairs. Many of the women and men, even the hair experts recommend the egg-shampoos. But more than those chemical shampoos and conditioners you can give a hand to eating eggs every day.


8. Wash with tap water:

The tap water is a kind of fresh flowing water, quite good for opening the closed pores of your heads. Try to wash your hairs every day with tap water, so that the hair follicles are strengthened.


7. Vitamins can help:

The regular intake of vitamin A and C based diets is yet another effective way to strengthen your hairs. You can drink fresh juices, especially mango, apple and orange juice which will provide enough vitamins to your body and hair roots.


6. Natural hair trimming:

Natural hair trimming is a kind of hair treatment done by the beauty and hair experts. The women are usually habitual of trimming. The experts, with the help of trimming, massage your hair and head’s inner portions for some minutes and that’s a natural way to remove the damaged hair follicles and give space to healthy follicles to grow.


5. Olive Oil Massage:

The massage of olive oil is what you should do every night before going to bed. This will nourish your hair roots and make sure that the new healthy hairs become a replacement of the damaged or dull looking hairs in a shorter time frame.


4. Coconut Milk and Oil:

Both coconut milk and oil are healthy diets. You can intake the coconut milk once in a day and apply the oil properly in all portions of your head to make sure they start becoming healthier.


3. Say NO to Junks:

Junk foods and snacks not only damage your body and skin but also become the reason to manage the natural shine of the hairs. Make sure you avoid the junks by the whole and remove them from your life completely.


2. Tomato Juice Massage:

It is quite easy for us to extract the tomato juice at home. Make sure you get one cup of fresh tomato juice everyday and massage your hairs with it, apply it on all the sections of the head just like you apply the oil, and then wash the hairs after five to ten minutes.


1. Castor Oil Massage:

Castor oil massage is a wonderful idea for your hairs’ natural shine and growth. You can have it from the market or a cosmetic shop quite easily. Massage of castor oil once or twice a week will be really ideal for strengthening your hairs.