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Top 10 Oldest Civilizations in the World

When it comes for us to compare the lifestyle of these days with the ancient times, we find a lot of differences. In oldage times, the people were not blessed with all facilities and scientific and technological advancements we have nowadays. These days our lives are much more easy and luxurious. It makes us believe that every coming year is better than the previous ones, bringing more comfort to our lives. Let us take a look at the list of top 10 oldest civilizations in the world.

10. Ancient China

This is a remarkable ancient civilization. It is also known as Han China. The civilization is famous for sky-chariots, geomancy and emerald manufacture which the people had been sharing with Mayas. This makes us believe that in ancient times, there was much similarity between China and Mayas. Ancient Chinese are originator of things like toilet paper, paper money, rocket technology, earthquake detectors, and many others.

Oldest Civilizations in the World

9. Tiahuanaco

Tiahuanaco civilization is based on South America. It covers an area of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Tiahuanaco prospered during 300 AD and 1000 AD. During those times, the megalithic blocks of stone had been using for constructing the communal buildings and homes. It is also believed that culture had strongly impacted on the generations of this civilization. The old buildings around Cuzco are the evidences of this civilization.

Oldest Civilizations in the World

8. Uyghur Civilization

This is yet another very exciting civilization of old-age era. Uyghur civilization had flourished around the area of Gobi desert and modern-day Tibet. According to the historians, the Indus Valley and Atlantis cities were also present in the times when this civilization existed. Some of the interesting facts about this civilization are seaport torn, and locations changed many times.

Oldest Civilizations in the World

7. Indus Valley

Indus Valley of Pakistan is a remarkable ancient civilization of Indus Valley. This had prospered in the area which is nowadays famous with the name of Pakistan. This civilization began in 500 BC. It included the cities such as Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. An interesting fact about it is that in those days, the people were found of reading books. This civilization brought forward the plumbing-sewage system which is now a part of Pakistan, India and other Asian countries.

Oldest Civilizations in the World

6. Ancient Atlantis

Ancient Atlantis was considered as a lost city in those days. But in terms of cultural values, this civilization was of high importance. The people of this civilization had taken the technology to advancement. Much is mentioned about it in “A Dweller on Two Planets” by Atlantis Phylos in 1884.

Oldest Civilizations in the World

5. Ancient MU

Ancient MU is also known as Lemuria. This civilization contributed towards mankind and history reveals that it has its existence about 78000 years ago. The civilization stood for over 50000 years, and it was located in Pacific Ocean. The people, in those days, were living in a very beautiful island, and were not much advanced.

Oldest Civilizations in the World

4. Aroi Sun Kingdom

The Aroi Sun Kingdom is another ancient civilization. It had flourished around Pacific area. According to historical evidences, the civilization existed close to countries like Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia. It seems that in those days, various roads, pyramids, arches, platforms, and statues was formed by the people of this civilization. One of the most exciting things is Easter Island, Hawaii, Polynesians of New Zealand.

Oldest Civilizations in the World

3. Ancient Ethiopia and Israel

Ancient Ethiopia and Israel flourished around areas which are now known as Ethiopia and Israel. There are many stories about this civilization. The people are said to be involved in high technology and scientific advancements. An evidence shows that this civilization originated a temple which is located in Jerusalem. Muslim Dome of the Rock Mosque and Solomon Temple are significantly important.

Oldest Civilizations in the World

2. Maya

Maya is an interesting civilization with lots of mysteries. It is said that this civilization flourished around area which is known as Mexico these days. But the exact location of its people is unknown. They were very intelligent and did a lot of work in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, and physics. They built canals and hydroponic gardens in Yucatan Peninsula.

Oldest Civilizations in the World

1. Osirian Civilization

Osirian Civilization flourished in area of Mediterranean region. Mion in Crete and Greece are depictions of this civilization. It existed during the times when civilization in Indus and Atlantis were existing. This particular civilization can be credited for earthquake-proof megalithic structures, and electricity production.

Oldest Civilizations in the World

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