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Top 10 Places to Fear on Halloween Night

Halloween is one of the creepiest times of the year. The festival has begun and our costumes are ready. Am I right? It is true that every person has his own style to celebrate Halloween. Some people love to wear ghostly dresses, while others give preference to candy-like costumes. This day is thought to be a time when suspicious ghosts gather at haunted locations and wander the corners of earth. Here are the top 10 places to fear on Halloween night.

10. Phantom Vehicles

This is one of the areas on the earth which hold the mystery of a phantom vehicle, a ghost of transportation. The people say that this can take the form of cars, trains, ships or planes. The object sometimes appears as a visual flicker. The Phantom Vehicles is based in the Saskatchewan village of St. Louis.  If you are looking to go there, be very careful and bring some holy recitations with you.

Places to Fear on Halloween Night

9. The Weeping Woman

La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) is one of the most popular legends of Spanish-speaking cultures of the southwestern part of the US and Mexico. Its story says that a gorgeous lady named Maria had tossed her two kids into a flowing river. She has now become haunted, and this area is highly horror for the visitors. Also some other ghosts have become angered here.

Places to Fear on Halloween Night

8. Popobawa

Popobawa is an evil creature which is present in the East African coast.  The spirit is said to be taking different forms and appears on the Halloween night. It might appear as a human, or as an animal. Not only at nights, but also during the day, it keeps on wandering here and there. Popobawa has been reported to abuse human beings and mostly its target are young men.

Places to Fear on Halloween Night

7. Corpse Road

In late medieval times, several churches were constructed in Great Britain. Corpse Road is a mother church that connects several roads to one another. It is said to be suspicious because it is where the ancient people are buried. The pathways leading to this area are evidenced to have ghosts. Also many other corpse roads of Europe have such things.

Places to Fear on Halloween Night

6. Edinburgh Vaults

In the late 18th century, the city of Edinburgh used to be a thriving community. Here the officials gave approval of constructing two bridges, the North Bridge and South Bridge. The unusual happenings on the two bridges make them highly fearful.

Places to Fear on Halloween Night

5. Camp Scott

Camp Scott is a 410-acre compound, situated in Oklahoma, USA.  The former Girl Scout camp is situated along the Snake and Spring Creeks close to State Highway 82, in Mayes County. Since 1977, several deaths of girls here have led this place to become full of ghosts. Often the visitors listen to thunder storms and the crying of unknown creatures. This place can be your destination if you feel that you can cope up with that fear.

Places to Fear on Halloween Night

4. Clinton Road

Clinton Road is located in West Milford, Passaic County, New Jersey. The road is expanded in an area of 16 km. For centuries, it has gotten fame because of paranormal activities. According to reports, hitchhiking ghosts, strange creatures, and fireside witches have been seen here. This area is forbade to visit by heart patients.

Places to Fear on Halloween Night

3. Crybaby Bridges of Ohio

Since a long, a strange phenomenon has been recorded in the rural bridges of Ohio, America. People also say that a shattering cry is listened many times, also a baby’s laughter is recorded. These bridges are highly suspicious and here the people experience the barking of unseen dogs as well.

Places to Fear on Halloween Night

2. The Candy Man

Dean Corll was a sadistic serial killer who killed various boys in Texas, America during 1970. He killed over 25 children in the history. The people say he is still wandering in that area and is known as “Candy Man”. They say, he still looks for young boys to kill, this is why this area is not visited by youngsters.

Places to Fear on Halloween Night

1. Suicide Cliff and Banzai Cliff

The Pacific Ocean theatre of World War II remained a conflict between the armed forces of Japan and America. The 82-day-long Battle of Okinawa was a deadly incident of the history. It killed many people, and over fifty thousand warriors lost their lives simultaneously. Their cries of wound and killing events are still visible in this area. I don’t know if it’s true or not but the people living in nearby colonies say that they’ve seen observed and listened the cries at the two cliffs.

Places to Fear on Halloween Night

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