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Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the World

Cats are amongst the most beautiful and reliable pet in the world. These lovely creatures of God are loved by the human beings and we all like to beautify our houses with cats, parrots and dogs like pets. Alone in USA, about 90 million pet cats are present and more and more people are attracting towards the various cat breeds and they want to know how to keep them at home safely. Here are the top 10 most popular cat breeds in the world.

10. Oriental Cats:

grey oriental cat
These colorful cats are also known with the name of rainbow cats. These are friendly pets for humans and are known to be kept in American and European countries.

9. American Shorthair:

Most Popular Cat Breeds

Don’t go with its name and consider that these cat breeds can only be found in America, their origin is America but they are brought to other nations of the world as well. These beautiful short hair cats are lovely and sometimes heavy weight.

8. Birman Cats:

Most Popular Cat Breeds

The Birman cats look really beautiful, innocent and sweet but sometimes they get aggressive. So you have to take good care that they are being fed timely if you have kept Birmans at home.

7. The Persian:

Most Popular Cat Breeds

As is clear with the name, The Persian Cats were first discovered in Persia in 18th century. These grooming and beautiful cats are sized small.

6. Maine Coon:

Most Popular Cat Breeds

This cat breed is found to be gentle, delicate and loving. The cats are usually larger in size and weigh about 15 lbs. These are friendly to the human beings but are not to be kept in free environments because they go aggressive all of a sudden for no reason.

5. Ragdoll Cats:

Most Popular Cat Breeds

The ragdoll cats are playful and friendly and weigh about 10 lbs. The zoologists believe that these cats shouldn’t be kept at home because they go wild and can attack their owners any time during the night.

4. Abyssinian Cats:

Most Popular Cat Breeds

These are good looking and smart cats. These are elegant and if you wash an Abyssinian its shiny hairs will seem to be attractive to you.

3. The Siamese:

Most Popular Cat Breeds

This is yet another famous and one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. The Siamese can be privately owned but you should take good care of their feeding because they eat much more than a normal cat’s diet.

2. Spiral Cats:

Most Popular Cat Breeds

The spiral cats look and behave well and are known for their quite personalities. But this doesn’t mean you can allow your children play freely with them. If you have kept these cats at home then take good care of their presence inside and outside the house because due to their quite nature they can hide somewhere and might attack your little kids all of a sudden.

1. Sphynx Cats:

Most Popular Cat Breeds

The sphynx cats are wonderful, healthier and known to be energetic cats. These are loyal and loving by nature so always need your attention if any of the sphynx is your pet at home. These beautiful cats should be given with lots of fresh meat and milk which is good for their health.