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Top 10 Popular Controversial Art Pieces in the History

Can you tell me the difference between good art and great art? Well, here is the answer, the great art is able to challenge our perceptions, biases, and assumptions for driving a unique point of view, while a good art is something we can find commonly in the museums or at historical places. Whatsoever the artworks you may see, it always requires the artist to think out of the box, and he is never afraid to place an excellent mirror before the ugly society. Sometimes, these artists come up with the unsatisfied art pieces that can create a lot of controversies in our world. Check out these top 10 popular controversial art pieces in the history.

10. Holy Virgin Mary by Chris Ofili

The Holy Virgin Mary is an artwork by Chris Ofili. It has always remained controversial in a way or the other, appealing to some groups while not to others. Let me tell you that the Virgin Mary is depicted as being black, and her figure has been surrounded by various por-nographic images. This looks somewhat odd when we talk about the impression it can create in the minds of children and teenagers. Another thing is, from religious point of view, such an artwork is not appreciated due to its nakedness. As a result, the Brooklyn Museum (where the painting was housed) had to suffer from USD7 million loss of funding.

Popular Controversial Art Pieces

9. Nud-e Maja by Francisco Goya

The Nud-e Maja by Francisco Goya was created back in 1803. From a modern point of view, it looks fairly odd. The nudity shown off in this artwork is not acceptable by our societies. The female, here, appears to be looking out of the canvas, straight at the viewers. It is one of the ancient works to have created a lot of controversies.

8. Eres Lo Que Lees (You Are What You Read) by Guillermo Vargas

In Eres Lo Que Lees (You Are What You Read), Guillermo Vargas has created a highly controversial piece in history. He has tried to chain an underweight dog to the wall of the art gallery, having a bowl of meal out of its reach. This looks very horrendous at first glimpse. The message it depicts is that a starved dog is looking for some food. From one point, it is a nice message, but from another point, this makes no sense in today’s world when the governments are trying their best to make healthy foods and drinks available to the citizens.

Popular Controversial Art Pieces

7. Shark by David Cerny

Shark by David Cerny is one more controversial artwork. It features a shark suspended in a tank of formaldehyde. The artist has created a marvelous yet highly odd-looking art piece. Here the shark is an almost-nud-e model of Saddam Hussein, appearing handcuffed and is floating in a tank of formaldehyde. From a point, such a piece can leave negative impacts on the minds of viewers especially the children, and teenage boys and girls.

Popular Controversial Art Pieces

6. Piss Christ by Andres Serrano

It is evident that the religious works of art can mostly be controversial. Here, Andres Serrano has tried to create something extraordinary. The name Piss Christ is enough to turn your stomach, and the piece looks extremely weird. This has been created with a photograph of a plastic crucifix, having contents of Piss Christ caused a massive outrage, especially amongst Christian and religious communities.

Popular Controversial Art Pieces

5. Fountain by Marcel Duchamp

The Fountain by Marcel Duchamp is an ancient work of the artist with somewhat modern look of the society. This is a good example of artwork which, many individuals believe, is not good at all. This was created in 1917, and has had created much debate about the message it delivers.

Popular Controversial Art Pieces

4. Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is the creator of the Guernica. He painted it during the Spanish Civil War. It is one of his enormous paintings, showing the atrocities that had taken place during the German bombing and massacre of a town named Guernica in Spain. No doubt, this has been a highly controversial topic which, the artist was better to not depict. The painting has created many drawbacks in our societies, leaving bad impression on the minds of viewers.

Popular Controversial Art Pieces

3. Myra by Marcus Harvey

Myra Hindley is the woman who had sexually abused and then buried fuve children alongside Ian Brady in what has been famous with the name of ‘Moors murders’. This photograph looks like a white and black image of her personality. It is very easy to see why there was such a furore surrounding this painting. It is placed in one of England’s museums. The painting has been asked to remove from the museum by many individuals.

Popular Controversial Art Pieces

2. Tilted Arc by Richard Serra

This artwork of Richard Serra gives rise to a lot of controversial questions. It is actually a curved wall made of metal, measuring 12 feet tall and was installed in the middle of Manhattan Plaza. The artist’s focus was to keep the people aware of the space they’re living in, instead of thinking from something better and doing bad things for it. Unfortunately, most of us fail to understand the true meanings of this art work, that is why, don’t like it at all.

Popular Controversial Art Pieces

1. My Bed by Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin is famous for her controversial artworks. This particular piece named My Bed was chosen for the Turner Prize, a highly prestigious award held by the Tate Britain art gallery. It is showing an unmade bed covered with stains and bodily fluids. Close to the bed, there are several items like condoms and dirty underwear. To be honest, this looks extremely weird and ill.

Popular Controversial Art Pieces

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