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Top 10 Most Popular Feminist TV Moms of All Time

With the passage of time, the television shows have become a big source of entertainment. Some of them even have played a vital role in changing our lives. This is not just because of their great themes, but also due to their outstanding performers. Various feminist women have been shown in some of the biggest television shows. Let us see the top 10 most popular feminist TV moms of all time.

10. The Winslow women from Family Matters

Harriette and Estelle Winslow were a wife-and-mother team. They appeared in the show named Family Matters. If you remember this show because of Steve Urkel, then let me tell you that the role was handed over to Jo Marie Payton. Harriette played the role of an elevator operator in Perfect Strangers. This is one of the longest-running shows in the history.

Most Popular Feminist TV Moms

9. Murphy Brown, Murphy Brown

Murphy Brown has done a remarkable show named Murphy Brown. She is one of the most famous career moms of all time. Her performance in this show has been just awesome. In 1992, former Vice President Dan Quayle criticized Murphy Brown, but this never impacted her show’s high ranking, luckily.

Most Popular Feminist TV Moms

8. Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights

The amazing show, Friday Night Lights, has gotten worldwide fame due to its awesome concept and high-end entertainment. The show starred Tami Taylor, a housewife and mom, who gave outstanding performance in it.

Most Popular Feminist TV Moms

7. Clair Huxtable, The Cosby Show

Clair Huxtable is a one of the finest television moms. She has also been a lawyer, a good mother and a responsible wife. This lady gave awesome performance in her show named The Cosby Show. Have you watched this show?

Most Popular Feminist TV Moms

6. Elyse Keaton, Family Ties

A high point of my ’80s childhood, Family Ties shares the story of a liberal family. It has been hosted by Elyse Keaton. The show is superb, and I can say this with proud that Elyse’s performance in it has been awesome.

Most Popular Feminist TV Moms

5. Roseanne, Roseanne

Roseanne was groundbreaking in her show of the same name. It won the hearts of worldwide audience, and Roseanne gave a voice and presence to women who need help. The show left great impact on the viewers’ mind. Did you watch it?

Most Popular Feminist TV Moms

4. Lois from Malcolm in the Middle

She is a middle-class mother who got fame from the famous show, Malcolm in the Middle. This working mom looked nice here, and her performance was highly appreciated.

Most Popular Feminist TV Moms

3. Ann Romano, One Day at a Time

I can say this with confidence that no one else could do ‘One Day at a Time’ in a better way than Ann Romano. She is a divorced mom of two daughters. The show was aired from 1975 to 1984, and Ann did a nice job in it.

Most Popular Feminist TV Moms

2. Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

Lorelai Gilmore has been seen and admired for her show named Gilmore Girls. I love her because of her awesome skills. Her daughter, Rory, and Lorelai herself, were seen together in some of its episodes.

Most Popular Feminist TV Moms

1. Julia from Julia

Actress Diahann Carroll portrayed Julia, a widowed mother of a boy. This woman was seen doing a great job in this show. I must say it is one of the best American shows for black women.

Most Popular Feminist TV Moms

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